Honey & Clover II: Season 1 on crack

Kay I’m kidding, H&C is never on crack. But Season 2 was a lot more fast-paced then Season 1, as things seemed to be coming to a bit of a climax. I loved Season 2 as much as if not more than Season 1, but it was too short… why did it have to end? I would have been happy with 10 more episodes.


WARNING: May be some mild spoilers somewhere ahead

Well. Even though I’ve been whining that it was too short, (the 2nd Season), I was pretty happy with how it ended. That, ladies and gentlemen, is true slice of life. Takemoto is very melancholy, but I like him. This was a very, very life-like anime. The characters are realistic, I mean. I can pretty much relate to all of them. While the story is pleasant, there isn’t a whole lot there… it’s the great characters that really make this worth watching.

One thing I really liked about this continuation was that it kinda let you understand Hagu more. At first she seemed kinda personality-less… and I didn’t like her. But by the end, I like her better. OMG I totally predicted that would happen with Shuu-chan! Because it was pretty obvious she wasn’t going to end up with Takemoto, or anyone necesarily. And Morita… just didn’t seem to work out. So I was like… But wait… She likes Shu a lot, righttt? So what if he’s old and her cousin? She’s totally dependant on him no matter what she says!

But nobody was really paired off for good like “We are now together. Let us kiss and smile and be happy forever.” I liked that. Who knows what’ll happen? I like to think Yamada and Nomiya end up together. That was my favorite pair. XD Of course, I’m biased now. Again. I don’t wanna write mean things about this >< So lets end this so-called review here.

Recommend? If you watched Season 1 of course! If not, than hurry and watch it so you can watch this too. Overall, if you want something that will make you happy but at the same time a little sad with a nice soundtrack.


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