Yay, Movie Post! Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid; Bourne Trilogy

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a movie post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching some pretty frickin awesome movies. Okay, to clear this up – Off the top of my head as in I just thought of this list right now, here are my top 5 ( non-Asian, lol):

-Blade Runner

-The Matrix

-V For Vendetta


-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In about 2 seconds, I’ll probably think of a million others I like better, but for now it’s first come first serve.



Okay this was awesome. It took me a long time to watch it, but the wait made it sweeter. Like wine, or whatever. Bottom line: I loved it. Now remember, while I LIKE action, I don’t watch a lot of it since I’m so incredibly picky. When I say I like action, it means I like really really good action. This is really really good action.

The plot is decent, but it’s really the whole experience that makes it good. Basically, Jason Bourne isn’ta hero (god, even that is getting to sound cliche) Okay this is hard. I can’t review action movies. Just go watch it.


Okay I can’t do this without SPOILERS

Just as good as the first. After careful seconds of consideration, though, I’m gonna say I liked the first better because SOMEONE freaking DIED at the beginning of the stupid movie! I have to say, I kinda foresaw it, though. I mean, how’s he supposed to kick ass if he has to drag Marie around everywhere? And it wouldn’t have worked to just leave the first movie as a stand-alone, it really begs to be a trilogy… So, yeah, you died for a good cause, Marie. Right so I get to find out the plot and see more of Matt Damon being a beast.

I ended up watching the extra features on this one, I was curious about their filming technique. IT’S GOOD. The car chases… (I love car chases). I can’t really say much more other than WATCH IT.


Well, I have yet to watch the Bourne Ultimatum. You tell me what happens, I kill you. I kid, I kid. Sort of. Seriously, though, I’m pretty excited. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited about a movie (I swear to god I’m so behind. These movies came out, when, 2002?) But it’s a lot of fun.



Ahh, a classic. A good classic. I’m sorry I never write biting, cruel reviews about movies. But it’s no fun. So here goes another rant about how much I liked this~

Well of course I liked it. I was surprised, though. I think I may become a western fan. Never, ever before have I ever been inclined in the slightest to watch westerns. And yet, Robert Redford was calling to me… plus this is a classic, for a good reason (it rocks). Or maybe I’ve just become a Butch &  the Kid fan. Heehee. I really, really enjoyed the end. I was practically about to cry, for gods sakes! Nobody told me they were gonna die! God. But the way they did that last scene was really perfect.  Just the still frame with sound still running. Man, you have to watch it.


Kay I lied. These weren’t real reviews. I was just excited about these movies and I wanted to put nice pictures of them up here to prove I watched them. 😀


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