Weekly Update: Episode(s) 2 :]

Well, I decided to do a weekly update in which I will write about whatever happened in the anime I’m following that week. I’m too lazy to write one post per episode per show; but weekly summary I can do.

Unfortunately, this plan may be worthless because after having seen 2 whole episodes, I’ve decided to pretty much drop/stop caring about 2 out of the 4 anime I was following for Spring 09.

Shangri-la had potential, a kick-ass main character and an intriguing setting. However, it just fails to interest me enough. I also have trouble with the way the plot was laid out. A lot of times being confused is good because that means there IS a plot (unlike ONE anime, starts with Hana ends with shounen) but if it’s not confusing in a good, intriguing way, it’s just annoying. Anyway, all this may just be me. This seems to be one of the better anime this season, and it may be worth the watch. I’m just not gonna spend my time watching things that don’t feel worthwhile to me.

Disclaimer: I stopped downloading this, but if I continue through streamingfor some reason, I just might end up writing a post on this again. That’s IF.


Hanasakeru Seishounen – See my previous post. After a few careful seconds of consideration, I decided to quit this. Again, like Shangri-la, there is always the small possibilty that I will watch a later episode on streaming and change my mind; but that’s looking very, emphasis on the very, unlikely.


Ahh, good. Something encouraging to talk about for a change. Yes it’s ~

Higashi no Eden! My new favorite terrorist anime! I really do like this, though. I watched the first episode again and I noticed that his passports have the names ‘De Niro’ and ‘Jason Bourne’ on them, lol. “So my name’s not De Niro, but Jason Bourne…?” I really appreciated that, seeing how I watched the Bourne Trilogy and started Higa no Eden at like the same time. Gotta love amnesiacs. There’s Phantom, too!

So why is Higashi no Eden so much better than Hanasakeru Seishounen and Shangri-la? It all comes down to things like good dialogue and characters with actual personalities; and the perfect amount of confusion/intrigue. Everything is just done very artfully. The music also wins. Speaking of which, here’s my ranking of my 4 spring anime’s soundtracks:

-1000. Hanasakeru Seishounen(worthless D:)

3. Shangri-la (I like, but it’s not amazing)

2. Phantom (I really like the OP; Good in general)

1. Higashi no Eden (It’s good, and it all just fits nicely)

That actually pretty much covers my overall rankings, too.

So I will definitely be continuing Higashi no Eden and Phantom. They seem worth doing a weekly post on, too. I don’t think I’ll be picking up another Spring 2009 anime to replace the 2 I’ve dropped; after all I’ve still got the Twelve Kingdoms, Spice & Wolf, Inu Yasha and a huge stack of other things on my to-watch list.

Sadly this post has no pictures. I fail at screenshots, as always. What is hard about screenshots, anyway? Why is it so difficult for me to get a screenshot? Huh? Why?

Anyway, looking forward to subs for Phantom episode 3.


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