Higashi no Eden WINS!

June 24, 2009

I’ve been trying to convince myself that I should like Eden of the East less, but I lost.



1) Confusing 1) Confusing
2) The whole plot wasn’t knit together closely enough; pacing wasn’t perfect 2) Who cares?
3) Each episode was not consistently awesome 3) The art WAS consistently awesome, as was the music and characters

Alright? Any complaints? Didn’t think so.

Story: The story was very surprising actually, I really didn’t see where it was going. I totally didn’t notice that it was a game, for instance. I did not expect the Johnny lady to suddenly fly off into the sky. I’m STILL not really clear on the whole Supporter thing (I think it would help if I went back and re-watched). But they did a really good job manipulating the whole amnesia thing. Because amnesiacs can be really, really cheesy and predictable. Of course, this is Takizawa we’re talking about.


Actually, looking back, a lot more things happened than I thought. So why do I think the pacing was slow? I don’t know… maybe it wasn’t? Dang, a LOT happened. Wow I should really rewatch.

So overall, quite unique and successful. But be prepared to actually have to think to be able to understand the plot.

Characters: Did I mention Takizawa Akira? Er, yeah. Moving on. As for Saki, I really didn’t like or dislike her, but I thought she was a good portrayal of your average Joe. Jane. I’m hoping she’s in for some more development for the movies, though.

Animation and Music: … was excellent. I really loved this style of animation. A couple of the CG bits were a bit off, but I thought it was tolerable since the characters were animated so consistently (unlike SOMEONE cough Gonzo). Oh and I should mention that the portrayal of Washington DC in the first episode was extremely accurate. I was actually in Washington around the same time of year Saki was, and I swear the animators must have gone too because it was PERFECT. I also really liked both the OP and ED, music and animation. The BGM wasn’t memorable (of course it isn’t usually) but I do remember that it was pretty good.

Ahhhh what do I care about faults… I don’t think any of the faults you may find in Eden of the East should stop you from watching it, because it is awesome. I am psyched for the movies. I can’t believe the first is coming out in November. NOVEMBER. I’ll be OLD by then! Ooohh the Nodame (Live) movies are coming out around then too. Damn. I hate looking forward to things in the fall because it’s like… Movies? … school. MOVIES? … school… and I don’t really like winter much anyways, but fall is okay. Really, other than the fact that it precedes winter I would totally love fall. If it wasn’t for school. I mean if I think about fall NOW, all I can think of is the good stuff like cozy sweaters and tea and hot cocoa and blankets and lovely soft lights and turkey and potatoes and soup…. I forget how much I despise being cold. It is literally the most torturous thing. Like how there’s no sun, it’s constantly drizzling, cloudy, windy, cold and you have to do homework. In the dark. Because of the whole thing where the Earth spins and tilts so that the days are shorter. But still… kotatsu… thanksgiving… boots… and Eden of the East and Nodame movies!



Updates on Currently Airing Series

June 16, 2009

Well, I kind of wanted to try doing the whole one post per episode thing; but I discovered I’m not QUITE reliable enough. So back to long, varied posts.

HIGASHI NO EDEN – episode 10/11

Wooo, only one episode to go and then it’s the movie! I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that this is a series/movie. Like will they make the movie a continuation from where the show left off, or will they just re-do it so that everything from the show is condensed into the first half of the movie? I can’t decide which I would prefer. This series did start to seem a little slow around the middle; it didn’t bother me too much but if they speed everything up it would be really intense. However, they would cut out all the little happy scenes. Of course, it wouldn’t matter because you get all the little happy scenes anyway because of the TV show… so the TV show would be like an extended version of the first half of the movie? I dunno…

I’m very excited, though! Episode 10 was good, some things are revealed… ish? Anyway, I take back what I said previously about this series deteriorating. I still think this show rocks. Aghhh only 3 days till the last episode…

NATSU NO ARASHI – episode 9/13

Well, I’m a bit behind on this one… I think episode 11 has aired already, actually. But the problem is once again my lack of hard drive space… I’m down to my last 3 GB. Aiya. But that does not stop me from enjoying this series! I really have absolutely no idea why this is so unappreciated. Actually I don’t really have anything new to add, refer to my previous post.


Well,  I haven’t watched the latest Phantom episode either… so I guess thats it for today.

Oh, I should also write my Twelve Kingdoms post, AND I finished Nodame Cantabile, so that’ll be up sometime too…

Mostly what I’ve been doing recently is rewatching….

the office

…that’s right, The Office. No, I do not have a life, thank you very much.

An Amalgamation of Worthless Pieces

June 8, 2009

Right, well, this is going to be a crappy little moshed sort of post because I don’t have enough to say on each topic to make individual posts for all of them.

Higashi no Eden

We’re up to episode 9 (out of 11) now in this show which started out completely fabby and ultimately amazing but then failed to continue to be so. I really do like this. I love the characters for the most part; and I love the plot. But it’s just… NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Character development? NEIN. Plot development? A tiny dissapointingness little piece of it. It seems like they’re planning on just making this series a very, very long, time consuming commercial and teaser for the upcoming movie. What, I ask you, is the point?It’s sad, but I can’t give it a 10/10 anymore.

But secretly I do love it.

Natsu no Arashi


Mon dieu. Why is this anime so underrated? I truly want to know, and I don’t mean I want someone to write me an idiot comment bashing it; I mean I want a reasonable reason written by a reasonbale person of reason. I was bored one Sunday, so I watched the first 2 episodes online. I was intrigued. I think it’s really quite well done. The animation is good; in fact it’s just as consistent if not more so than the animation in Nodame Cantabile (which I’m also watching and which coincidentally got wayyyy more positive reviews). I am pleasantly pleased by all the little parody jokes; and even more so when I actually get them. For instance; one of the little scenes with Yayoi and Kanako, where it always goes something like (quoting from memory here):

“How are you this evening?”

“I am well, thank you”

“What have you been doing lately”

“I read a very interesting book”

“Well, what was the name of that book?”

“Ah, I seem to have forgotten the title”

“Will you tell me what it was about?”

“I’d be happy to. It was about one courageous swordsman who fights surrouded by faithful companions; together they battle for justic and love and through their faith they become victorious and win the companionship of others around them”

“My, what a wonderful and dazzling story”

“That courageous swordsman had something he would always say”

“What could it have been?”

“Hiten mitsurugi r-”

I was tres, tres pleased. Indeed, I find Natsu no Arashi generally pleasing and I sincerely wish to know why anyone would not.



Ah, Kiyohiko Azuma, creator of my beloved Azumanga Daioh. I think you are either an Azuma-type person or you are not. Some people just are not entertained by his humor and casual slice-of-life creations; while others can’t imagine not being entertained by them. There is no middle ground. At least there shouldn’t be. Anyway, this is comforting and lovely and perfect for summer.

You know, I’m going to have to take myself off blogging for a while, as I obviously can’t think of anything even slightly useful to say. Might possibly write that Twelve Kingdoms post soon if I ever feel like it, and one for Nodame Cantabile when I finish. Go enjoy summer, fools.

PS I suck and have gone back to stealing pictures.