Updates on Currently Airing Series

Well, I kind of wanted to try doing the whole one post per episode thing; but I discovered I’m not QUITE reliable enough. So back to long, varied posts.

HIGASHI NO EDEN – episode 10/11

Wooo, only one episode to go and then it’s the movie! I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that this is a series/movie. Like will they make the movie a continuation from where the show left off, or will they just re-do it so that everything from the show is condensed into the first half of the movie? I can’t decide which I would prefer. This series did start to seem a little slow around the middle; it didn’t bother me too much but if they speed everything up it would be really intense. However, they would cut out all the little happy scenes. Of course, it wouldn’t matter because you get all the little happy scenes anyway because of the TV show… so the TV show would be like an extended version of the first half of the movie? I dunno…

I’m very excited, though! Episode 10 was good, some things are revealed… ish? Anyway, I take back what I said previously about this series deteriorating. I still think this show rocks. Aghhh only 3 days till the last episode…

NATSU NO ARASHI – episode 9/13

Well, I’m a bit behind on this one… I think episode 11 has aired already, actually. But the problem is once again my lack of hard drive space… I’m down to my last 3 GB. Aiya. But that does not stop me from enjoying this series! I really have absolutely no idea why this is so unappreciated. Actually I don’t really have anything new to add, refer to my previous post.


Well,  I haven’t watched the latest Phantom episode either… so I guess thats it for today.

Oh, I should also write my Twelve Kingdoms post, AND I finished Nodame Cantabile, so that’ll be up sometime too…

Mostly what I’ve been doing recently is rewatching….

the office

…that’s right, The Office. No, I do not have a life, thank you very much.


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