Higashi no Eden WINS!

I’ve been trying to convince myself that I should like Eden of the East less, but I lost.



1) Confusing 1) Confusing
2) The whole plot wasn’t knit together closely enough; pacing wasn’t perfect 2) Who cares?
3) Each episode was not consistently awesome 3) The art WAS consistently awesome, as was the music and characters

Alright? Any complaints? Didn’t think so.

Story: The story was very surprising actually, I really didn’t see where it was going. I totally didn’t notice that it was a game, for instance. I did not expect the Johnny lady to suddenly fly off into the sky. I’m STILL not really clear on the whole Supporter thing (I think it would help if I went back and re-watched). But they did a really good job manipulating the whole amnesia thing. Because amnesiacs can be really, really cheesy and predictable. Of course, this is Takizawa we’re talking about.


Actually, looking back, a lot more things happened than I thought. So why do I think the pacing was slow? I don’t know… maybe it wasn’t? Dang, a LOT happened. Wow I should really rewatch.

So overall, quite unique and successful. But be prepared to actually have to think to be able to understand the plot.

Characters: Did I mention Takizawa Akira? Er, yeah. Moving on. As for Saki, I really didn’t like or dislike her, but I thought she was a good portrayal of your average Joe. Jane. I’m hoping she’s in for some more development for the movies, though.

Animation and Music: … was excellent. I really loved this style of animation. A couple of the CG bits were a bit off, but I thought it was tolerable since the characters were animated so consistently (unlike SOMEONE cough Gonzo). Oh and I should mention that the portrayal of Washington DC in the first episode was extremely accurate. I was actually in Washington around the same time of year Saki was, and I swear the animators must have gone too because it was PERFECT. I also really liked both the OP and ED, music and animation. The BGM wasn’t memorable (of course it isn’t usually) but I do remember that it was pretty good.

Ahhhh what do I care about faults… I don’t think any of the faults you may find in Eden of the East should stop you from watching it, because it is awesome. I am psyched for the movies. I can’t believe the first is coming out in November. NOVEMBER. I’ll be OLD by then! Ooohh the Nodame (Live) movies are coming out around then too. Damn. I hate looking forward to things in the fall because it’s like… Movies? … school. MOVIES? … school… and I don’t really like winter much anyways, but fall is okay. Really, other than the fact that it precedes winter I would totally love fall. If it wasn’t for school. I mean if I think about fall NOW, all I can think of is the good stuff like cozy sweaters and tea and hot cocoa and blankets and lovely soft lights and turkey and potatoes and soup…. I forget how much I despise being cold. It is literally the most torturous thing. Like how there’s no sun, it’s constantly drizzling, cloudy, windy, cold and you have to do homework. In the dark. Because of the whole thing where the Earth spins and tilts so that the days are shorter. But still… kotatsu… thanksgiving… boots… and Eden of the East and Nodame movies!



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