Welcome to the NHK!

Woahhhh. A+!


I really loved Welcome to the NHK. From the very first episode.

The thing about slice of life is that lots of shows get put into that category just because they don’t really have a plot, and it’s really easy to say something is slice of life just because every series does show a life. But real, good slice of life isn’t so common. Actually I can’t even decide on whether I should call Honey & Clover slice of life, and I can’t decide on NANA either. Great, now I’ve gotten myself into this, how do I get myself out? What the hell is slice of life, anyway?

Whatever it is, I’m going to use slice of life to define Welcome to the NHK. What makes it a great show is the life it chose to take a slice of. Many shows called slice of life are just about your average guy/girl finding romance and a purpose; but NHK is unique because Satou is such an interesting main character. First of all, there’s the fact that he’s a hikikomori. Then, his hallucination-like thought process. Next is the way he relates to people like Yamazaki and senpai and Misaki-chan. I thought it was very realistic. Often when I watch anime, the characters will do something really dumb, and it makes you want to yell “NOOO don’t do that, idiot!” But Satou wasn’t like that. He was an idiot sometimes, but not in the melodramatic stupid way. I think that’s part of what made me call this slice of life.

Shows that have a very realistic take on life, that don’t necessarily follow a rigid formula for plot are what I call slice of life.

Back the Welcome to the NHK, I’ll do the rest of this post in a more organized way

MUSIC/SOUND: I liked the music a lot; the opening seemed dull at first but I got to like it. The first ending was crazy, but I liked it too. I don’t know about the voice actors, but I thought they did a good job (Sadly I don’t pay much attention to the voice actors…). The background music reminded me of the JDrama Stand Up!! See my post on that if you want =)

ANIMATION: Well… it was Gonzo… so no, it wasn’t completely consistent.  Especially Satou’s body proportions ended up seeming a bit off quite a few times. Which is strange since he’s the main character and everything. But everything else was good. I like the style of coloring they used. Speaking of Gonzo, I’ve been watching Gankutsuou. The animation is that is so overwhelming and awesome that I was surprised to hear that was Gonzo, too. I guess they can do good things too. But the point is: the rest of the show was so awesome that I didn’t end up caring very much about the animation quality.

CHARACTERS: Of course, one of the most important things that made this series so excellent. I really loved each of the small cast of characters. Satou was awesomely hopeless, Yamazaki was actually kind of cute, you got to like Misaki more even though she was kind of ridiculous at first, Senpai was interesting… it was a really great character study.

STORY: As I said before the story is unique. It really drew me in. It’s been a while since I had a real marathon, but I just basically marathoned then whole second half of the series.

I don’t really know what else to say; but I think Welcome to the NHK would be entertaining for anyone. It’s funny and interesting and brings up all the crappy points of society with humor. It’s pretty much just I’ve been wanting to see.


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