And, a month later, a new post! HURRAY! ~ Ghost Hunt



Mai is a decent main character. Yes, she is a little bit useless. But she’s useless in a very realistic way. Like she’s not useless in a moe way. Since it’s NOT moe-like, I don’t mind that she’s not a fantastic kick-ass main character. I mean, I would definitely be more useless than her. I don’t have slightly dormant sucky psychic powers. Who wants to drag around a regular person when they’re trying to determine the cause of strange activities? I wouldn’t. Of course, they do mostly just drag her around and her dormant slight psychic powers aren’t even very helpful. (Yes, they do always manage to appear at exactly the right time, but…) Anyway; she might piss YOU off, but I was able to tolerate her for the most part.

The problem with shows aimed at girls is the guy characters are usually pretty good, albeit one sided, while the main girl character makes you want to punch your computer screen. Naru was quite cool. And I’m really glad that he never inexplicably decided to fall for Mai just because that was what the directors wanted. He never had a complete personality turnaround in favor of her either, which is another thing shoujo directors are fond of doing.

Sadly, the characters all lacked development. But this is an arc based show, and it’s less common to see character development in episodic story lines; so that’s forgivable. What’s NOT forgivable is that Ghost Hunt was based on novels by Fuyumi Ono, who wrote the Twelve Kingdoms (and I only decided to actually watch Ghost Hunt because she was involved in the plot) and they didn’t adapt the whole freaking series. Again. What is the issue with these people? Do they NOT understand that they would probably actually make MORE money if they adapted the original plot which is probably BETTER than whatever filler crap ending THEY come up with? Huh? I know I’m just repeating this old complaint, but JESUS it makes me so irritated. It’s called rationality people, and maybe you should go out and buy some, because I’m sensing a very dangerous lack of it in your general area.

Well; even though it would have been nice to know the real plot and ending, I’m satisfied enough. I really enjoyed watching Ghost Hunt, actually, because it’s so rare for me to watch something a) episodic and b) scary. Most of the arcs weren’t actually frightening, but they got a little creepy. Especially the music. Talk about chilling. Having an episode end on a cliff-hanger, and then the creepery ending song starts playing and it’s dark out? Chills. Well, at least with the Vlad arc. That was the scariest thing I’ve watched in a while. I did like the music though.

Another really great thing about Ghost Hunt was the character designs and animations. The designs were simple and relaxing to watch, nothing was too over the top. Actually the fact that it was animated so simply kind of took away from the scary factor. But I was plenty scared enough, LOL.

But overall I thought it was scary in a relaxing way and I was always looking forward to the next episode, and the next little arc. This had actually encouraged me not to be so turned off by episodic things. So I’m definitely glad I watched it, and I think it’s a good thing for you to watch if you have a little spare time or you’re into a more realistic take on the supernatural and don’t mind being a little creeped out. Of course if you’re into hardcore horror and gore, you might write this off as lame. But watch the Vlad arc. That was very, very frightening. And it’s not trying too hard to be scary, either, I liked that. Anyway, very enjoyable.


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