An amazing thing has occured… I HAVE OFFICIALLY RETURNED TO DRAMAS!

… that’s right. Mwahahahaha. Now what prompted this strange, uncalled-for return? WHAT COULD IT POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN, to make me, so world-weary of asian dramas, return?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is… KOREAN HANA YORI DANGO!

I swore I wouldn’t, and yet… it got me. And I’m dangerously close to switching camps now.

WHAT? I know, I know.  I thought I loved the Japanese Hana Yori Dango, but then I saw the Korean version. At first I scoffed at the promotional images because the almighty F4 were wearing BOW TIES, and because Domyouji’s hair was ridiculous. But I came to love Jun Pyo. How is it that the Kdrama is less sappy than the Jdrama? How?


Let me explain (argh I can’t believe I’m switching over, I’m a traitor to myself TT_TT).

Jan di. Is SO much more awesome than Tsukushi. Tsukushi is suppossed to be really kick ass, right? But she ends up seeming a bit whiny. Jan di ends up way less whiny. And I like her more. Now Jun pyo… III thought I loved MatsuJun, but you know, I think he just got less and less cool after the first season ended. Jun pyo has managed to win me over by not losing himself during the New York (Macau)/fiance arc – as of yet. I’m at episode 16 right now.I WAS rather sceptical of Ji hoo at first, because we all love Rui, right? But by around the 7th episode I got used to him. One thing I had always been puzzled by in the Jdrama was the fact that Tsukushi and Rui seem so awwwwwkward all the time. Not so in the Kdrama. You finally get to see their friendship. I haven’t read the manga, but either Korean is a better take on it, or it’s just better period.

Sighhh. So I finally admit to myself and the world that I’m a turncoat… my life…

Oh one thing I miss… I actually liked Yuki more in the Jdrama. But Ga Eul definitely has her good points too. I hope we get to see more of her and Soujiro (still not quite sure of his Korean name… Yi Jung?), I always felt like their relationship was not done justice to. Also… Jan di really did look a bit too old. But I’m used to it now.


I actually did look into another Jdrama…



…but… it sucked. =P I was like, ‘Okay, this is GOING to be good. Please.’ But then it wasn’t. It was cheesy, draggy, and badly executed. Plus, the woman who plays the main lead (she was Kiyora in Nodame)… I just realized this, but I REALLY dislike her acting. Sigh. Maybe Haken no Oscar will be good? I fear I’ve already watched all the good Jdramas. (LOL because I never did finish Kurosagi… why can’t I just finish it? I’m pretty sure I only have one episode left, I even downloaded it….)


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