Jeanniex’s top 3 anime that require more seasons

Everybody who watches anime has experienced a terrible thing that happens all too frequently in anime: the TV series ends before the manga or light novel it was based on concludes. How many of you have wailed in agony because you will never find out what happens since you can’t read Japanese? How many of you have sat for hours calculating the likelihood of the novels being published in English to help ease your pain?

It is a terrible, terrible thing. And so, in order to comfort myself, I have decided to make a list of the top 3 animes I have watched that left me writhing on floor begging for more. (The reason I didn’t do Top 5 was all the others I thought off made less of an impact than these 3. Honorable mentions at the bottom, too!)

SAIUNKOKU MONOGATARI. Duh. This is the one that really upsets me, because it’s based off the least likely thing to get licenced in America: a light novel. And I know that there are wonderful fans out there translating small portions of the original novels, but being myself, I still cry because I’m not happy unless I can read it complete, in book form, very accurately translated and proof-read, with the original illustrations. Oh, the tragedy of being picky… and look how cute the novel covers are! They make me want to buy them all, even though I can’t understand them…

SaiMono Novels

Well, this is turning into a Saiunkoku post… since that IS mainly the only one I’m desperate for the next season of. But, we must not be half-hearted. To continue…

NATSUME YUUJINCHOU. How I love Natsume Yuujinchou. I could watch it for years. Days on end. And I would, except there’s only 2 seasons, ie 26 episodes. And yet the manga is ongoing! With this one, I’m just lazy and I don’t want to go find translations of the manga online and read them. And besides, it’s well-animated and I would miss the music and voice actors if I were to read the manga. Sad. I feel like this is pretty likely to get a new season in the near future. After all, the first season was VERY closely followed by the second. Hold on, did I just jinx that? Shit. *Knocks on wood*

Natsume AnimeNatsume Manga

Anime and manga art.

THE TWELVE KINGDOMS. Another obvious one… same reasons as Saiunkoku. Although, the Juuni Kokuki books are being released in english by TokyoPop. Which is AMAZING. I actually bought the first one recently. However, that doesn’t mean I like their translating style. And I really loved the anime. I miss the anime atmosphere. But props to TokyoPop for including the original illustrations in the release!

Juuni Kokuki ink

Honorable mention

Skip Beat! – Well… I did read the manga first. And the problem with shoujo is that it’s never well-animated. It was kind of fun to watch, but a dissappointing adaption. What can I say? Shoujo just doesn’t translate well, I guess… But that horrible, awful ending did make it way worse. Subsequent seasons would help… please… I would still watch them…

Fruits Basket – Again, read the manga first. But at least they did a better job with the animation and music than Skip Beat… come to think of it, I haven’t watched Fruits Basket in years… also, they did a better job concluding the story prematurely than SkipBeat. Still… I would watch if they ever made more.

Ouran High School Host Club – did I just say that shoujo doesn’t translate well? Ahem. Here is an exception. (Of course, I didn’t read the manga first this time -_-) I just felt ripped off at the final episode of Ouran HSHC. The manga is ongoing…Why can’t they make more?

Edit (as of 8/21/09)

Ghost Hunt – How could I have left this out? Once again, based on visual novels and yet it never adapted the last few… Tragic. I feel like there weren’t quite enough story arcs, too… and I miss being scared! There aren’t any other slightly thriller-esque animes that I really WANT to watch, and I don’t want to be TOO scared. So why can’t they make more Ghost Hunt? EHh?


2 Responses to Jeanniex’s top 3 anime that require more seasons

  1. usagijen says:

    Reminds me that my Saiunkoku fanaticism waned after the 1st half of the anime’s 2nd season, and I can only blame myself for pushing my limits as I made detailed “summaries” for it before 😦

    Have to pick it up again and relive the love! Perhaps then I’ll be able to read the novels I bought too, which are just collecting a pile of dust orz.

    Skip Beat 2nd season yesss! The anime is enjoyable in its own right, and I’m just happy seeing Kyoko and Ren brought to life (even though he lost a whole lot of hawtness points in the process)!

    • jeanniex1 says:

      Ah yes, I remember the days when the last part of Saiunkoku season 2 remained unsubbed… terrible, terrible days… But yeah, if I was pushing myself to write summaries for every single episode, I’m sure I would start to lose interest too.

      I really must improve my Japanese comprehension…

      Totally agree about Ren. He’s just not as sexy in the anime. Sad.

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