What the…

Recently I’ve been using Netflix again, and I keep getting these small shocks when I search for an anime out of curiosity and THEY ACTUALLY HAVE IT. How many animes were licensed while I had my back turned? Why is Genshiken 2 available already? What’s been happening? Is it just me or has there really been a huge increase in the amount of animes that are licensed? Wait, now I feel like I’m the only one who never noticed… am I on camera?

I’m always looking around for series that I may want to watch, and then when I find when, where I can access it subbed to watch. Look at all the ones I can get from Netflix! LOOK AT THEM ALL!

– Terra e

– Black Lagoon

– xxxHolic

– Genshiken

– The Third

– Baccano!

– Beck

– Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

– Samurai Champloo

I mean, I already knew a couple of them were licensed, but on Netflix! I remember the days when all Netflix had was Battle Athletes, Inuyasha and some random moe maid crap. I mean SAIUNKOKU? On NETFLIX? Queeeee?

*a couple minutes later* Ehhhhh even the original Phantom OVA is available? I thought that was super obscure and bad and unlicensed…

*a few more minutes later* Thank god they don’t have Nodame Cantabile or Spice and Wolf… but Jyu Ou Sei? ACTUALLY? I feel like my world is being taken over… they better not have Romeo x Juliet.

*later* Damn freaking lying stupids… If they have Rose of Versailles, I will disown them.

*checking…* Thank god. I didn’t really want to disown them. After all, it is a simple and easy way to watch subbed anime in good quality without breaking my hard drive. But if one of my favorites is licensed before I had the chance to download it and the torrent is removed due to the licensing company… I might actually have to pay for it to own it. (TT_TT)

It’s so weird… when I was little I had to go to the really REALLY quirky yet awesome neighborhood video store that has the most enormous amazing video collection I’ve ever seen to get things like Fancy Lala and all that…

Hrmm it looks like I’ll still have to go back there to watch Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water seeing as I can’t find a batch torrent that works and it’s not available on Netflix.

Gahhhh Chevalier D’Eon, too? Noir? Witch Hunter Robin? Gunslinger Girl? Both seasons? I hope all the subs are decent, bitches. Sigh. Maybe I’ll never need my uTorrent again… NO. Let it never come to that.

My life…


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