Ouran High School Host Club

September 30, 2009

Alllll right. So lately I’ve been doing some rewatching, yes I AM that type of sad person. It means that the amount of new series I’ve been watching has slowed down, but it also means I’m tempted to write reviews for things I watched BEFORE I made this blog. Or, in the case of Honey & Clover, things that I haven’t made actually good reviews for yet. Some examples that will likely be coming up soon are Princess Nine (which is downloading as I type), Angelic Layer, CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan, and maybe even Cardcaptor Sakura and Battle Athletes Victory?! And then there’s all the other things I STILL HAVEN’T WRITTEN REVIEWS FOR… But the point is, rewatching Ouran HSHC has prompted me into writing a review for it, especially since I do mention it every so often in other posts.

Ouran HSHC

Art & Animation

I ended up liking it. We all know shoujo is always short handed when it comes to budget. But Ouran gets around that. The art style is pleasing and consistent, while the direction (er… camera work? Hah) is interesting and kind of artful.


Well… it’s basically a reverse harem. But it’s not a bad thing! It’s a PARODY of a reverse harem. Or that’s what all the guilty fangirls tell themselves. So each character has a stereotype, but it’s definitely never taken too far. And when the show is serious… which it’s not, but… basically there were moments when the characters actually seemed quite real.

And damn, is Haruhi not the best main character for a shoujo?! I love her deadpan face and practical view of the world. It’s so fresh for anime. The fact that she’s so undramatic makes it work when Tamaki takes care of that role.

And I think that while each episode/mini-arc focused one someone different, the others weren’t always completed ditched or conveniently in different room.


…fucking where? LOL; normally I like to have a central plot and get sick of episodic things, but there are certain shows that you can’t help enjoying even if they ARE episodic. I found this to be one of them. It’s never repetitive, pretty much every episode is interesting. I mean a couple are bound to have been a little dull, but there are none that standout as bad in my memory (unlike a CERTAIN episode of The Third, ahem… though that really was only because of the art/animation so it doesn’t count). My favorite arc was the one with Bossa Nova. That one was good.


I probably enjoyed this more than I would have if I’d been a fan of the manga. And sure, I want to know if a central plot develops/where it goes. And no, the ending was not satisfying. But by no means does that imply that you should NOT watch this. If a) your brain hurts from Spice and Wolf merchant talk, b) your eyes hurt from incredible amounts of blood, gore and gunfights or c) you wish Special A was better…. this is the shoujo for you! But don’t expect major romance.


Our dear heroine…


Drama Reviews (A-Z)

September 30, 2009

Same thing as the anime reviews thing. You know, maybe I should’ve just made pages for this. But Then I’d have too many pages and too few categories. Whatever. If this doesn’t work out I’ll think of something else.

Alphabetical list, click on the name to see the review! Unless I haven’t organized the review yet… in which case it won’t be there. Oh I’m so embarrassed about all my drama reviews. They’re all completely unserious and I wrote them in kind of a fangirl-like high. BUT, I’m too lazy to go rewrite them into actual reviews. Maybe if I get swine flu or something and I somehow get bored of anime and have nothing to do, I will rewrite them. Wait… I just realized… You can’t take dramas seriously! Wahaha! THAT’S why it’s so hard to write serious reviews for them! EPIPHANY~!


Devil Beside You




Hana Kimi (JP)

Hana Kimi (TW)

Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango Returns!

Honey & Clover

Hotaru no Hikari


It Started With A Kiss


Kimi wa Petto


Manhattan Love Story


Nobuta wo Produce

Nodame Cantabile


One Pound Gospel


Ryusei no Kizuna


Seigi no Mikata

Stand Up!!


They Kiss Again

Anime Reviews (A-Z)

September 29, 2009

Aight, so let me explain this. I have tended to stick little mini reviews of different things in big, long posts the have many topics. Basically, I’m saying that I’ve been lazy. But no longer! I’m in the process of making this more organized and helpful. That includes reorganizing some posts so that everything about ONE show is in the same post. Eheh. This may take me longer than I hope.

Anyway. I linked the most review-like post to the name of the show. If there’s a name with no link (I know, there are a lot with no links…) it means I haven’t organized a suitable review yet. But I do have a search engine. I’ll get through this eventually. Soon there will be a lovely, alphabetically organized list ready for scrolling, full of reviews… *off in Dreamland*

By the way, if you’re wondering about shows with multiple seasons, I’ve been putting it all in one post. I find it less irritating that way. So “Full Metal Panic” means Season 1, Fumoffu, and The Second Raid. “Honey & Clover” means seasons I and II.


Ayashi no Ceres

Ayatsuri Sakon


Cowboy Bebop


Darker Than BLACK


Full Metal Panic!



Ghost Hunt

Guin Saga


Higashi no Eden

Honey & Clover


Itazura na Kiss


Jyu Ou Sei


Michiko e Hatchin



Natsu no Arashi

Natsume Yuujinchou



Ouran High School Host Club


Paradise Kiss


Princess Nine


Revolutionary Girl Utena

Romeo X Juliet

Rose of Versailles


Saiunkoku Monogatari

Scrapped Princess

Seirei no Moribito

Skip Beat

Spice and Wolf


Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0


Toshokan Sensou

The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo

The Twelve Kingdoms


Welcome to the NHK!

Wolf’s Rain

Moyashimon REVIEW

September 29, 2009

God can you believe I still haven’t watched either the Spice and Wolf II finale OR the Phantom finale? So what HAVE I been watching? Well, School Rumble for one… The Third for another… and the subject of this review, Moyashimon! Lately I’ve really been enjoying short, 1 season anime such as Toshokan Sensou, Haibane Renmei and the like. It’s not as much of a commitment, it doesn’t take long to download, they can be just as good if not better than longer series.

Moyashimon is a bit of an oddball series; which might be one of the reasons I enjoyed it. It’s about this long-name chibi guy, Sawaki Souemon Tadayasu. And he can see microbes. Without a microscope. And they talk to him. At first, I’m actually kind of sad to say, I was QUITE skeptical. But Moyashimon holds unexpected charm. For some reason I expected it to end up being all mushy and “I’m all alone” in Natsume Yuujinchou fashion (I’m SO not dissing Natsume Yuujinchou, but that show WAS very “I’m all alone”), but Moyashimon completely does not.


Animation & Art

… is lovely. There’s not much action, so it stays very consistent and solid. The art has it’s own unique touch and the character designs are interesting and different and pleasant to look at… with the exception of 2 certain upperclassmen… but you know, we can get over that.


Fits in well with the atmosphere. Moyashimon is definitely it’s own little world, and the music goes well with that. BGM was decent. Definitely nothing incredible here though


With a regular-life type show, the characters have to be well done. And they are. It’s no extreme character study. But I thought Sawaki made a great main character. There was basically zero angst, which is a plus in my opinion. He kind of reminded me of Haruhi from Ouran HSHC, at least the laid back eyelids half closed part of him. I thought Hasegawa was a bit extreme, but she was okay towards the end.


Not much of one.


I’m really not sure what it was that kept this show going for me, because none of the basic things seem to be it. Maybe it really was just “charm”? Je ne sais quoi? That is perfect actually. Thank you, wiktionary. Moyashimon has a certain je ne sais quoi about it.

I would say go for this if you’re a) looking for something quirky and you think you’re really weird or b) you’re tired of normal mainstream crap and you have some extra time. If you want to try something new but don’t normally check out this kind of thing, try watching it over time instead of doing a marathon. I actually would NOT marathon this. It has the sort of funny, unique, charming comedy that would make it work as a weekly TV show (which is what it is… but you know what I mean, right? Sorry for being American). Of  course it also works as a light 11 episode noitaminA series.


September 24, 2009

Dang it’s been 11 days… and I was gonna try to post more often. We’ll work on that…

I still have lots of series that I’ve completed and am behind on writing reviews for! But I’ll get through them all this winter. And I know I say this in like every post, but I really am going to. And also reorganize so it’s easier to find stuff.

But for now, guess what? IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL! And you know what that means. No, it does not mean football games. It means a NEW SEASON OF ANIME! And dramas, too I suppose. Now is the time to scour MAL, ANN and DramaWiki in search of the shows that YOU want to watch.

I don’t think this season looks terrible. I don’t think there are any masterpieces mixed in here either, though. So what I did was I found 10 shows that I have a slight interest in, and I’m going to watch the first 3 episodes of ALL of them. And hopefully, if I don’t forget, I will make nice little posts for each of the 3 episodes! And then I can write which ones I’ll drop, and which ones I’ll be writing reviews for when they end. If there happens to be a very controversial anime this season and I have a lot to say about it, perhaps I will do a post for every episode. Anyways, here’s what I’m planning to look in to:

InuYasha Kanketsu-hen October 3

You know, I never finished the anime. But I fully admit that the manga is one of my favorites ever. I figure I’ll slog throught the rest of the original anime someday, but in the meantime I can watch the ending, which hopefully has better animation. Win win.

Letter Bee – October 3

I really don’t know about this one. Which is why I’m going to watch it and see.

Seiken no Katanaji – October 3

MANGLOBE! I still really really need to watch Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy, but from what I’ve heard about those 2 shows and from Michiko e Hatchin, I’m going to put my trust in Manglobe and watch this even though it looks a bit generic and moe.

Natsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu October 4

Duh. And here I thought it would be another few years before we saw more of this, if ever. Most underrated show of the summer, actually. If you watched Natsu no Arashi this summer, you get an imaginary high five.

Kimi ni Todoke October 6

Here’s to hoping Production IG’s awesomeness makes this something more than your regular old run-of-the-mill shoujo.

KobatoOctober 6

I think I like CLAMP. I mean I like Cardcaptor Sakura. So… yeah. Plus I need something to replace Natsume Yuujinchou, and while I know this won’t really, I’ll let it try.

Darker Than BLACK – Ryuusei no Gemini October 8

Right, so technically I haven’t watched season 1 yet, however I downloaded it, I’ve heard good things about it, and I was planning to watch it anyways. If I watch season 1 between now and October and hate it, than consider this dropped.

Aoi BungakuOctober 10

I’ve never read any Japanese Lit, so this might be interesting. I was just spontaneously inclined to watch it.

Kuuchuu Buranko – October 15

noitaminA is the best! That said, the premise of this is a bit iffy. But who knows.

Sangoku Engi October ?

This is an adaptation of The Romance of Three Kingdoms, done jointly between Japan and China, which seems quite cool. Having never read Sangoku Engi, I have no idea what I’m in for. But I like historical, so hopefully it’ll be good.


And hey, maybe the fall dramas will be good! I’ve found a couple I might check out, plus last season’s leftovers that I forgot to download or that went unsubbed.

Tokyo Dogs – Yay, Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro. This could be the new Ryusei no Kizuna?!

Shokojo Seira – … which means Little Princess Seira. Could possibly pull a Mei-chan no Shitsuji on me and turn really bad within the first 10 minutes, or Shida Mirai could be really good and I’ll actually want to watch it. It’ll probably turn out to be the first one, but here’s hoping it’ll be the second…

Samurai Seventeen – Gosh, who KNOWS anymore? This could be good!

Otomen – I should catch up and watch this

Haken no Oscar – From the summer season, but it didn’t get subbed. I’m still waiting, though…

Basically, I’m excited. So many possibilities… But I’m REALLY curious about InuYasha. The original 167 episode series, which only covered about 3/5 of the books, was made by Sunrise and Kyoto Animation. And let’s face it. The animation is terrible. It’s so bad that I actually have trouble watching it. Although it might get better, I wouldn’t know since I’m still on the second season. So what I’m really hoping for is a better budget and BETTER ART AND ANIMATION. But the other thing is that there are 26 episodes… that have to cover material from the last 20 books. That’s practically one book per episode. Well, whatever. This is like Harry Potter. No matter what they do, I’m still gonna like the books better.


Wolf’s Rain REVIEW

September 12, 2009

Well, I’m waiting for Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 to download, I’ve already killed some time by curling my hair… so I’ve returned to blog! I feel like I’ve neglected my poor blog a little, but it’s only been a week. I still have a bunch of series I finished in the past month but failed to write review-posts about. For now, however, let me spend the next paragraph discussing…

BOYS OVER FLOWERS! I still haven’t watched the finale, so this isn’t a review, but I just have to mention GA EUL X YI JUNG!!!! For some reason I just can’t get over this pairing. And extra super kudos to the amazing KOREANS for actually showing this romance, unlike the Japanese who totally ignored it as a stupid side plot. However, the Koreans DID choose to film the amnesia arc, so they lose points for that. OH HOW I HATE THE AMNESIA ARC. And Jun Pyo does start to get annoying towards the end of the show. I was actually suspecting a surprise Jan di X Ji hoo ending for about 10 seconds there. Which might have been really cool, actually… but whatever. I’ll save it for my review.

I actually don’t feel like writing a review right now. I DID just finish Wolf’s Rain though. Christ. I hated that ending. Alright, turning this into a Wolf’s Rain review.


The main reason I started watching it was because the character designs reminded me of Jyu Ou Sei, which I miss a lot even though it was a little bit bad at times. I also am in love with anything post-apocalyptic or related to natural disasters. I was kinda sceptical about the whole “wolves disguising themselves as humans thing” but it didn’t end up bothering me too much until I tried imagining watching that same whole anime except the wolves stayed as wolves the whole time and realized that it would be EXTREMELY ODD.  But whatever. I can deal.Anyway, this review includes the 26 episode series as well as the 4 episode conclusive OVA (so 30 episodes in all).

Wolf's Rain


I really enjoyed watching Wolf’s Rain until about episode 19, after Jagara blows up Darcia’s castle thing. In fact I loved Wolf’s Rain until episode 19. What it really needed after episode 19 was a really gripping, climactic, can’t-stop-watching final 11 episodes. But it just didn’t deliver them quite that way. The part where Kiba is trapped by the hallucinogenic grasses and the others are hanging out with the nomadic people just seemed totally unnecessary. And god, the ending was so stupid. It was like a deus ex machina, except for instead of solving the plot by saying it was all a dream, they solved the plot by  killing everyone(highlight, if you want). So if the last third of the story had been a really intense, amazing follow-up to the enjoyable first part; I would have praised this and loved it despite other faults. Sadly, this was not to be. Oh and I forgot to rant about the 4 recap episodes in the middle. But come on: it’s a recap. I could rant, butit’d be nothing new (the real issue was the NUMBER of recaps… one after another.)

Art & Animation

I really loved the character designs (although I did think Toboe was secretly a girl for like 8 episodes), and the background setting. It was very bleak.  The animation was smooth and consistant. I also thought they did a good job drawing and animating the wolves, since it’s uncommon to have to show expressions on animals that are main characters. Nothing but nice things to say about this section.


This was my favorite part. I really like Yoko Kanno, who did the music and theme song compositions. So the music was lovely, and I really enjoyed it. It was so unusual to hear background songs in a language other than Japanese, and I think a couple of them weren’t even English.


I loved Cher and Blue. But my expectations of them were too high. They just didn’t end up being kick-ass enough. As soon as you put them back next to their male companion, they became worthless again. So that was sad. I also thought the characters lacked development, both as individual characters and also their interaction with each other seemed a bit limited. So I ended up liking side characters better, and THEY were also undeveloped, since they’re side characters… Plus, Darcia didn’t have enough of a motive. He was like this villain, right? So whenever they needed a villain they just stuck Darcia in the role even if it was random.


I liked Wolf’s Rain. I mean I’m glad I watched it, and I enjoyed a lot of it and it wasn’t like I had to force myself to watch it. But strangely, even though it probably had LESS faults, I didn’t like it as much as Jyu Ou Sei, which was incredibly faulted. So what gives? I guess it’s a worthwhile watch, but I would wait til you have some extra time or your bored or something to watch it.

Jeanniex’s Top 5 Kick-Ass Female Leads in Anime

September 2, 2009

I am officially having WAY too much fun making Top 5 lists. I’m not really even qualified to make good lists since there are so many quote “must-see” animes that I haven’t seen yet. But it’s so fun! So my lists are liable to change in case I watch something with a more awesome heroine. I’m always super excited if the lead girl manages to not be a wimpy loser who has to cling to the nearest guy for protection. Of course, female protagonists who have enough brains to make up for their lack of brawn are just as awesome, if not better. To find one who is both smart and strong is the best thing ever. Anyway, these are my favorite kick-ass heroines.


Seirei no Moribito


No shit. Balsa is probably THE most amazing female lead ever in anime. She’s completely self-sufficient, she kicks ass with her spear, at no time is she ever even the slightest bit wimpy, and she’s smart; but she doesn’t have a stick up her ass and she’s not arrogant. Meanwhile she’s not grovelingly humble either. And she never at any point in the show (or ever :D)has to rely on a guy to “protect” her, physically or emotionally. We all thought this wasn’t even possible in an anime, and yet, there is Balsa. Applause for Seirei no Moribito.


Rose of Versailles


Sigh. I still can’t think about Rose of Versailles without getting a tear in my eye, the tragedy… Regardless, Oscar is the best. She definitely has flaws (Unlike Balsa, I actually couldn’t think of any flaws for her…) but that doesn’t stop her from kicking ass. While she can be surprisingly naive, she’s still smart and of course excellent at fighting, she doesn’t back down, and she holds her own against all the men. I guess you could say she’s the legendary type… right? BWAAAA it’s so sad… D:


Revolutionary Girl Utena


Utena is basically Oscar, only in modern times, under different circumstances, more naive, and with more comic relief. Ah I’m so excited to write my review of the anime… but for now we’re just focusing on Utena. She manages to keep sight of what’s most important to her, and she relies on herself rather than on a man… well, she is quite flawed. But she’s awesome.


Black Lagoon


Revy; well Revy just kicks ass. Literally. Unlike the first 3, she doesn’t really have any morals, but… heh. She takes care of herself. If Rock started going all “I’m gonna protect you” on her, she would probably just shoot him. Lol. I wouldn’t say she’s stupid, either. But I wouldn’t say she’s smart… Basically she’s tough. Oh crap I forgot about Balalaika. That is one tough lady. But I still like Revy better, so nyah.


Michiko to Hatchin


Hatchin kicks ass because of her personality. Michiko kicks ass, ie; she kicks people’s asses. Although she’s tough, I wouldn’t put Michiko up here because her personality is a little weak. Together with Hatchin, though, she’s unstoppable. Which is why Hatchin is the one on the Top 5 list. Hatchin really is an awesome character. She’s very intelligent and doesn’t let people walk all over her… well, post episode 1, anyways; and she can get along by herself just fine (of course having Michiko to beat people up does speed things along). She strikes me as being “strong” in a realistic sense.