Jeanniex’s Top 5 Kick-Ass Female Leads in Anime

I am officially having WAY too much fun making Top 5 lists. I’m not really even qualified to make good lists since there are so many quote “must-see” animes that I haven’t seen yet. But it’s so fun! So my lists are liable to change in case I watch something with a more awesome heroine. I’m always super excited if the lead girl manages to not be a wimpy loser who has to cling to the nearest guy for protection. Of course, female protagonists who have enough brains to make up for their lack of brawn are just as awesome, if not better. To find one who is both smart and strong is the best thing ever. Anyway, these are my favorite kick-ass heroines.


Seirei no Moribito


No shit. Balsa is probably THE most amazing female lead ever in anime. She’s completely self-sufficient, she kicks ass with her spear, at no time is she ever even the slightest bit wimpy, and she’s smart; but she doesn’t have a stick up her ass and she’s not arrogant. Meanwhile she’s not grovelingly humble either. And she never at any point in the show (or ever :D)has to rely on a guy to “protect” her, physically or emotionally. We all thought this wasn’t even possible in an anime, and yet, there is Balsa. Applause for Seirei no Moribito.


Rose of Versailles


Sigh. I still can’t think about Rose of Versailles without getting a tear in my eye, the tragedy… Regardless, Oscar is the best. She definitely has flaws (Unlike Balsa, I actually couldn’t think of any flaws for her…) but that doesn’t stop her from kicking ass. While she can be surprisingly naive, she’s still smart and of course excellent at fighting, she doesn’t back down, and she holds her own against all the men. I guess you could say she’s the legendary type… right? BWAAAA it’s so sad… D:


Revolutionary Girl Utena


Utena is basically Oscar, only in modern times, under different circumstances, more naive, and with more comic relief. Ah I’m so excited to write my review of the anime… but for now we’re just focusing on Utena. She manages to keep sight of what’s most important to her, and she relies on herself rather than on a man… well, she is quite flawed. But she’s awesome.


Black Lagoon


Revy; well Revy just kicks ass. Literally. Unlike the first 3, she doesn’t really have any morals, but… heh. She takes care of herself. If Rock started going all “I’m gonna protect you” on her, she would probably just shoot him. Lol. I wouldn’t say she’s stupid, either. But I wouldn’t say she’s smart… Basically she’s tough. Oh crap I forgot about Balalaika. That is one tough lady. But I still like Revy better, so nyah.


Michiko to Hatchin


Hatchin kicks ass because of her personality. Michiko kicks ass, ie; she kicks people’s asses. Although she’s tough, I wouldn’t put Michiko up here because her personality is a little weak. Together with Hatchin, though, she’s unstoppable. Which is why Hatchin is the one on the Top 5 list. Hatchin really is an awesome character. She’s very intelligent and doesn’t let people walk all over her… well, post episode 1, anyways; and she can get along by herself just fine (of course having Michiko to beat people up does speed things along). She strikes me as being “strong” in a realistic sense.


3 Responses to Jeanniex’s Top 5 Kick-Ass Female Leads in Anime

  1. usagijen says:

    and you have just reminded me how much I FAIL for not having finished any of the series where these kickass girls are!! Will get to RGU realll soon~!

  2. akuyume says:

    Must agree with the placement of Balsa. If you want a female lead from a “must-see” anime your list omits, give Ghost in the Shell a try; if you ask me, Motoko “The Major” Kusanagi is definitely pretty kick-ass. And Motoko definitely meets most of the same descriptions you’ve got there for Balsa.

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