Wolf’s Rain REVIEW

Well, I’m waiting for Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 to download, I’ve already killed some time by curling my hair… so I’ve returned to blog! I feel like I’ve neglected my poor blog a little, but it’s only been a week. I still have a bunch of series I finished in the past month but failed to write review-posts about. For now, however, let me spend the next paragraph discussing…

BOYS OVER FLOWERS! I still haven’t watched the finale, so this isn’t a review, but I just have to mention GA EUL X YI JUNG!!!! For some reason I just can’t get over this pairing. And extra super kudos to the amazing KOREANS for actually showing this romance, unlike the Japanese who totally ignored it as a stupid side plot. However, the Koreans DID choose to film the amnesia arc, so they lose points for that. OH HOW I HATE THE AMNESIA ARC. And Jun Pyo does start to get annoying towards the end of the show. I was actually suspecting a surprise Jan di X Ji hoo ending for about 10 seconds there. Which might have been really cool, actually… but whatever. I’ll save it for my review.

I actually don’t feel like writing a review right now. I DID just finish Wolf’s Rain though. Christ. I hated that ending. Alright, turning this into a Wolf’s Rain review.


The main reason I started watching it was because the character designs reminded me of Jyu Ou Sei, which I miss a lot even though it was a little bit bad at times. I also am in love with anything post-apocalyptic or related to natural disasters. I was kinda sceptical about the whole “wolves disguising themselves as humans thing” but it didn’t end up bothering me too much until I tried imagining watching that same whole anime except the wolves stayed as wolves the whole time and realized that it would be EXTREMELY ODD.  But whatever. I can deal.Anyway, this review includes the 26 episode series as well as the 4 episode conclusive OVA (so 30 episodes in all).

Wolf's Rain


I really enjoyed watching Wolf’s Rain until about episode 19, after Jagara blows up Darcia’s castle thing. In fact I loved Wolf’s Rain until episode 19. What it really needed after episode 19 was a really gripping, climactic, can’t-stop-watching final 11 episodes. But it just didn’t deliver them quite that way. The part where Kiba is trapped by the hallucinogenic grasses and the others are hanging out with the nomadic people just seemed totally unnecessary. And god, the ending was so stupid. It was like a deus ex machina, except for instead of solving the plot by saying it was all a dream, they solved the plot by  killing everyone(highlight, if you want). So if the last third of the story had been a really intense, amazing follow-up to the enjoyable first part; I would have praised this and loved it despite other faults. Sadly, this was not to be. Oh and I forgot to rant about the 4 recap episodes in the middle. But come on: it’s a recap. I could rant, butit’d be nothing new (the real issue was the NUMBER of recaps… one after another.)

Art & Animation

I really loved the character designs (although I did think Toboe was secretly a girl for like 8 episodes), and the background setting. It was very bleak.  The animation was smooth and consistant. I also thought they did a good job drawing and animating the wolves, since it’s uncommon to have to show expressions on animals that are main characters. Nothing but nice things to say about this section.


This was my favorite part. I really like Yoko Kanno, who did the music and theme song compositions. So the music was lovely, and I really enjoyed it. It was so unusual to hear background songs in a language other than Japanese, and I think a couple of them weren’t even English.


I loved Cher and Blue. But my expectations of them were too high. They just didn’t end up being kick-ass enough. As soon as you put them back next to their male companion, they became worthless again. So that was sad. I also thought the characters lacked development, both as individual characters and also their interaction with each other seemed a bit limited. So I ended up liking side characters better, and THEY were also undeveloped, since they’re side characters… Plus, Darcia didn’t have enough of a motive. He was like this villain, right? So whenever they needed a villain they just stuck Darcia in the role even if it was random.


I liked Wolf’s Rain. I mean I’m glad I watched it, and I enjoyed a lot of it and it wasn’t like I had to force myself to watch it. But strangely, even though it probably had LESS faults, I didn’t like it as much as Jyu Ou Sei, which was incredibly faulted. So what gives? I guess it’s a worthwhile watch, but I would wait til you have some extra time or your bored or something to watch it.


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  1. Solar Panel says:

    Hi, cool read. I just found your blog and am already a fan. 😀

  2. eva leticia says:

    hola soy una fan super fan de todas se todo sobere animes la mejor jijijiji

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