Moyashimon REVIEW

God can you believe I still haven’t watched either the Spice and Wolf II finale OR the Phantom finale? So what HAVE I been watching? Well, School Rumble for one… The Third for another… and the subject of this review, Moyashimon! Lately I’ve really been enjoying short, 1 season anime such as Toshokan Sensou, Haibane Renmei and the like. It’s not as much of a commitment, it doesn’t take long to download, they can be just as good if not better than longer series.

Moyashimon is a bit of an oddball series; which might be one of the reasons I enjoyed it. It’s about this long-name chibi guy, Sawaki Souemon Tadayasu. And he can see microbes. Without a microscope. And they talk to him. At first, I’m actually kind of sad to say, I was QUITE skeptical. But Moyashimon holds unexpected charm. For some reason I expected it to end up being all mushy and “I’m all alone” in Natsume Yuujinchou fashion (I’m SO not dissing Natsume Yuujinchou, but that show WAS very “I’m all alone”), but Moyashimon completely does not.


Animation & Art

… is lovely. There’s not much action, so it stays very consistent and solid. The art has it’s own unique touch and the character designs are interesting and different and pleasant to look at… with the exception of 2 certain upperclassmen… but you know, we can get over that.


Fits in well with the atmosphere. Moyashimon is definitely it’s own little world, and the music goes well with that. BGM was decent. Definitely nothing incredible here though


With a regular-life type show, the characters have to be well done. And they are. It’s no extreme character study. But I thought Sawaki made a great main character. There was basically zero angst, which is a plus in my opinion. He kind of reminded me of Haruhi from Ouran HSHC, at least the laid back eyelids half closed part of him. I thought Hasegawa was a bit extreme, but she was okay towards the end.


Not much of one.


I’m really not sure what it was that kept this show going for me, because none of the basic things seem to be it. Maybe it really was just “charm”? Je ne sais quoi? That is perfect actually. Thank you, wiktionary. Moyashimon has a certain je ne sais quoi about it.

I would say go for this if you’re a) looking for something quirky and you think you’re really weird or b) you’re tired of normal mainstream crap and you have some extra time. If you want to try something new but don’t normally check out this kind of thing, try watching it over time instead of doing a marathon. I actually would NOT marathon this. It has the sort of funny, unique, charming comedy that would make it work as a weekly TV show (which is what it is… but you know what I mean, right? Sorry for being American). Of  course it also works as a light 11 episode noitaminA series.


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