Drama Reviews (A-Z)

Same thing as the anime reviews thing. You know, maybe I should’ve just made pages for this. But Then I’d have too many pages and too few categories. Whatever. If this doesn’t work out I’ll think of something else.

Alphabetical list, click on the name to see the review! Unless I haven’t organized the review yet… in which case it won’t be there. Oh I’m so embarrassed about all my drama reviews. They’re all completely unserious and I wrote them in kind of a fangirl-like high. BUT, I’m too lazy to go rewrite them into actual reviews. Maybe if I get swine flu or something and I somehow get bored of anime and have nothing to do, I will rewrite them. Wait… I just realized… You can’t take dramas seriously! Wahaha! THAT’S why it’s so hard to write serious reviews for them! EPIPHANY~!


Devil Beside You




Hana Kimi (JP)

Hana Kimi (TW)

Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango Returns!

Honey & Clover

Hotaru no Hikari


It Started With A Kiss


Kimi wa Petto


Manhattan Love Story


Nobuta wo Produce

Nodame Cantabile


One Pound Gospel


Ryusei no Kizuna


Seigi no Mikata

Stand Up!!


They Kiss Again


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