Ouran High School Host Club

Alllll right. So lately I’ve been doing some rewatching, yes I AM that type of sad person. It means that the amount of new series I’ve been watching has slowed down, but it also means I’m tempted to write reviews for things I watched BEFORE I made this blog. Or, in the case of Honey & Clover, things that I haven’t made actually good reviews for yet. Some examples that will likely be coming up soon are Princess Nine (which is downloading as I type), Angelic Layer, CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan, and maybe even Cardcaptor Sakura and Battle Athletes Victory?! And then there’s all the other things I STILL HAVEN’T WRITTEN REVIEWS FOR… But the point is, rewatching Ouran HSHC has prompted me into writing a review for it, especially since I do mention it every so often in other posts.

Ouran HSHC

Art & Animation

I ended up liking it. We all know shoujo is always short handed when it comes to budget. But Ouran gets around that. The art style is pleasing and consistent, while the direction (er… camera work? Hah) is interesting and kind of artful.


Well… it’s basically a reverse harem. But it’s not a bad thing! It’s a PARODY of a reverse harem. Or that’s what all the guilty fangirls tell themselves. So each character has a stereotype, but it’s definitely never taken too far. And when the show is serious… which it’s not, but… basically there were moments when the characters actually seemed quite real.

And damn, is Haruhi not the best main character for a shoujo?! I love her deadpan face and practical view of the world. It’s so fresh for anime. The fact that she’s so undramatic makes it work when Tamaki takes care of that role.

And I think that while each episode/mini-arc focused one someone different, the others weren’t always completed ditched or conveniently in different room.


…fucking where? LOL; normally I like to have a central plot and get sick of episodic things, but there are certain shows that you can’t help enjoying even if they ARE episodic. I found this to be one of them. It’s never repetitive, pretty much every episode is interesting. I mean a couple are bound to have been a little dull, but there are none that standout as bad in my memory (unlike a CERTAIN episode of The Third, ahem… though that really was only because of the art/animation so it doesn’t count). My favorite arc was the one with Bossa Nova. That one was good.


I probably enjoyed this more than I would have if I’d been a fan of the manga. And sure, I want to know if a central plot develops/where it goes. And no, the ending was not satisfying. But by no means does that imply that you should NOT watch this. If a) your brain hurts from Spice and Wolf merchant talk, b) your eyes hurt from incredible amounts of blood, gore and gunfights or c) you wish Special A was better…. this is the shoujo for you! But don’t expect major romance.


Our dear heroine…


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