SUMMER ANIME 2009 – Jeanniex’s mini rankings

I’ve gotten jealous of those bloggers that watch like 10-20 series per season. I don’t have the patience to a) watch shows even if i don’t like them or b) blog about all of them. Plus there’re still like hundreds of series that I really HAVE to watch still. So I don’t have time either. But I so wish I could do seasonal rankings! I love making lists… I make Top 5 lists all the time… *planning more Top 5 posts* Anyways, I decided what the hell, if I want to rank em so much why CAN’T I rank the series I followed this summer? Even though there are only three. Hah. So here it is: the highly anticipated SUMMER MINI RANKING!

3: Tokyo Magnitude

Tokyo M

Good stuff, for the most part. But it doesn’t compare to the others. Part of this is the decline of awesome in the last half, part of it is the next 2 were too good.


2: Spice & Wolf II


Spice and Wolf, only better. This was really a great series, and it was the type that’s pleasant to watch weekly. Very solid.


1: Requiem for the Phantom


Holy crap. WTF. Why is this number 1? When it started in Spring, I thought it might end up stupid. But I became a fan! I think it was all because of the music. Nanase Hikaru, you’re now my hero. Amazing, amazing OST. Not only that, but the atmosphere was really interesting, the characters were interesting and it made full use of its 26 episodes. Which I can’t say Tokyo Magnitude did with its 11 episodes. While the dialogue in no way compares to that of Spice and Wolf, the action is really addicting and well done. I’m sure there are more flaws though, and thinking about it Spice and Wolf might actually be a better anime, but this is ranking! Nobody ranks based on quality. And I enjoyed Phantom for the full 6 months I’ve been watching it. Though the ending… I’ll be writing a review shortly!


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