Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen: Episode 1


Holy crap!!! A well animated and decently drawn Inuyasha!!! What’s happening to the world? But damn, thank god for modern technology. Although they’re still using way too much purple in the backgrounds. The music is the same old overly dramatic but at times ninja-y in that cool way music that we know from the old Inuyasha. Which, by the way, I should definitely finish watching… because even though I finished reading the whole manga only half a year ago, there were way too many different arcs so I can’t tell what’s happened already and what hasn’t happened yet.

Other than that, there’s not much to say. It’s still Inuyasha, it’s still kinda bad and I still like it. And I still only like it because of the books, which I’m strangely in love with. But this’ll be fun. I’m totally watching this.

However, there’s really, REALLY not enough substance to blog each episode, plus I already know all the plot twists from the books. I’ll blog the first 3 episodes like I said I would, but I’m definitely stopping after that. I mean, what am I supposed to say? Oh, this is the part where Kouga and Mouryoumaru fight. Ho hum, I remember this.

Oh I almost forgot. I haven’t checked to see if the voice actors are the same yet, but the all sound pretty similar to me; with the exception of Kagura. Urk she sounds all old now. Her voice is DEEP.

Next up: I watched the Letter Bee special from last year in preparation for the first episode of the TV series that started today. I think I’ll combine my thoughts on that with my post for Letter Bee episode 1. In the meantime, back to Darker than Black!!


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