Seiken no Katanaji: Episode 1

First impression: 6/10

Well. Manglobe, as of today, October 3, I have lost my faith in you. This is quite tragic. Why the low rating? Allow me to explain.

Seiken no

Seiken no Katanaji, or The Sacred Blacksmith, centers on a teeny bopper-ish girl named Cecily Campbell who is an incompetent knight. She meets this teeny bopper guy, who rescuers her after her sword breaks. Just her luck, he also happens to be a blacksmith. Fancy that.

This is EXACTLY what Spice and Wolf is not. Medieval Fantasy World, right here, but there are no witty Horos or naive Lawrences. There IS fanservice and cheesiness, however. I’m not trying to bash here, I’m just having trouble being objective. So what is the problem with this show?

1) The main character – it’s okay that she’s incompetent, because this means she has room to grow. And it would actually be worse if she was an amazing fighter, because she’s only been a knight for a month so that would be silly. However, you can have an incompetent main character without having her be a fanservicing incompetent main character. Example: Kasahara Iku from Toshokan Sensou

2) Luke (the blacksmith) is such a cliched love interest – you know, the guy who keeps on saving the bubbly main character, but is a little bit cold at first and thinks she’s a loser? Only to somehow miraculously be won over by her cheerfulness in the face of tragedy? Yeah, that guy.

3) The music – I know it’s mean to pick on the music, but it’s lame.

The character designs reminded a little of Scrapped Princess, but I can tell Scrapped Princess is way better even from the first episode. Manglobe, how could you? But I said I would watch the first 3 episodes. And I want to see how Manglobe is planning to continue this anyways. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn into something fantastic 4 episodes in.


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