Kimi ni Todoke: Episode 1

First impression:


Well, I did know this was going to be shoujo. Heh.

Kimi ni todoke

NOW I remember why I got sick of shoujo. Kimi ni Todoko suffers from classic Shoujo Syndrome, symptoms of which include a) shy main character b) popular guy character c) “she’s a girl, you know” complex d) a school setting with classic school events, for this first episode, a kimodameshi (fear trial).

I’d heard that Sawako was a good main character, but she doesn’t leave such a great impression on me. Plus everyone’s personalities seem so impossible. Like what high school class would apologize with candy without being forced to by a teacher? It would be different if Kazehaya turned out to be the world’s biggest asshole, but somehow I don’t see that.

This is kind of turning into an anti-shoujo rant here, which I didn’t mean to do. I’m going to keep watching this because it’s been awhile since I saw this type of show. But I don’t think I’ll keep blogging after the first 3 episodes, because each post will probably just turn into a rant about all the stupid things about shoujo. Actually THINKING about shoujo justs makes it that much more difficult to enjoy it. So I’m not going to think about it.

But still, APPLAUSE for Production IG for adapting a shoujo manga into an anime that DOESN’T look like shit. Really lovely animation, as expected. The art is a bit strange, it kind of reminds me of the art in the Lovely Complex anime. But yeah, we love Production IG.

Another thing that I noticed was that it seemed to go through like 10 chapters in one episode. I don’t know it that’s accurate, but there was a lot of zooming out onto a wide view of the town, sunset, sunrise, zooming back in on a new day and that type of stuff. They do only have one season to do this. I’m not sure how many volumes of the manga there are out, but it’s been running since 2006 and according to MAL it’s still ongoing.

Anyway I think I’ll definitely start to enjoy this more as we get into the story and characters. I remember I thought the first episode of It Started With A Kiss was the most horrid thing I’d seen in a  while, but I kept watching and I’m so glad I did. Becuse what girl doesn’t love ISWAK? So I’m hoping that 7.5/10 rating will go up. Next week better be good!


One Response to Kimi ni Todoke: Episode 1

  1. usagijen says:

    I hated ISWAK… or rather, I was tsundere for it. I’ll most likely mellow down for it once I get the chance to rewatch it.

    Still haven’t watched this, but I’m pretty positive! Here’s to hoping this will make my fangirl self come out again XD

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