Kobato: Episode 1

Alright, alright. So I suck at this whole one post per episode thing. Well at least I got off to a good start. I WILL get around to writing posts for second episodes, and etc. I’m disappointed that there aren’t any subs for Aoi Bungaku or Kuchu Buranko yet. I know it’s only been like a week, but I want to at least hear about a group PLANNING to pick those two up.

Gahhhh I have to write a Phantom post too! Ahem. On to Kobato.


Wow this really reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura. I DO like CLAMP, don’t I? I definitely want to get around to watching xxxHolic too.

First Impression:


I know, I know. How can I give this such I high rating?! But to be honest this has been my favorite first episode of the fall season so far. Maybe I’ve just been cute-deprived. And I really enjoyed watching it. It was relaxing. I mean it’s definitely no Natsume Yuujinchou replacement, but I think I’m going to like watching this weekly.

The premise is a little weird. This girl Kobato, who presumably isn’t human (?) has a wish, and to have that wish granted she has to go around helping people. And of course she has a plushy side kick who has to pretend to be a stuffed animal whenever there are people nearby. Sound familiar?

I’m not planning to watch this for plot, or for quality, or action. I just think it’s going to be pleasant.


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