Holy Jesus Again! Darker Than Black OVA Trailer

November 29, 2009

Well, I thought saying Holy Jesus for Ryuusei no Gemini would be enough; but apparently I was wrong. I need to say HOLY JESUS many many more times. Because look at the trailer for the Ryuusei no Gemini OVA!!!

Right?!?! I want to watch it NOW!

If you don’t already know (yes, I’m really slow regarding information about things like this), the events of Ryuusei no Gemini (season 2) take place 2 years after the last episode of Kuro no Keiyakusha (season 1 – which I’m starting to miss due to the new, cantankerous Hei). BONES, the production stupio, has announced that Ryuusei no Gemini will be 12 episodes long, and that an OVA (!!!) will be released AFTERWARDS which covers those 2 years that we have to be clueless about for the remaining 4 episodes of season 2.

The OVA will be a DVD-only release, it will be 4 episodes long, and the first episode is being released with the Ryuusei no Gemini DVD on January 27.

!!! I’m having a bit of a fangirl moment here, and so should you!

I’d already heard about the OVAs on MAL, but from the way their summary is worded (“side-stories”, they said… “side stories”) it sounded like it would be a bunch of fillers. Um, apparently not!


Kimi ni Todoke: Episode 8

November 29, 2009

GEHHHHHHH Rivals… *↔*

Words can’t express the pain in my heart when I think of how the sawayakyaaa Kimi ni Todoke is going to be mauled by the horridness of rivals.

For further understanding, please see THAT’s Kimi ni Todoke post. Most specifically, the part directed at the one they call “Kurumi”. *Shoots daggers out of eyes*

From the loveliness of episode 7…

To the ominous brewing rivalry of episode 8


Darker Than Black – Ryuusei no Gemini: Episodes 01-04

November 28, 2009

HOLY JESUS. I finally decided to get back in line with watching the currently airing Darker Than Black second season. I’ve been putting it off because I don’t want to get to the point where I’m biting my fingernails waiting for the new episode every week and then having only 25 minutes to last me to the next one. However, I realized this is dumb. It is nice to watch in marathons though… Anyway I got up to episode 04 and HOLY JESUS.

I knew the format for the second season would be different; I mean it makes no sense to have it be episodic NOW. But still, due to the shortness of the season, it’s SUPER action packed.From here on I’m not gonna be able to write this spoiler free, so fly away if you’re even more behind on this than me.

By the way, I figured out how to take screenshots with Media Player Classic. Eheheh. I feel accomplished now. Of course that doesn’t mean I’ll stop being lazy; so the pictures on this blog will most likely still be stolen. On to spoilers!

Grahhh this show is as impossible to keep up with as ever. I still can’t figure out whether I’m the stupid one, or the show is the smart one. However, what I’ve gathered as of now is:

  • Something terrible happened between Yin and Hei
  • Hei is a broody, alcoholic jerk with a small beard now
  • Hei has been working for the CIA, but now they along with some Russian group and “Section 3” from Japan are all trying to find him and Shion
  • Everyone thinks Suou is Shion
  • Where the hell IS Shion?!
  • WTF? Why is Suou now a contractor and Hei not?
  • Because Hei definitely tried to use his ability on Tanya and was surprised when he couldn’t; plus his star disappeared
  • Hei and Suou seem to be a different breed of contractors
  • Why is Mao back? Resurrection…
  • July is awesome now; he and Suou are actually quite adorable together
  • OH YEAH! Inspector Kirihara is back in the game! XD
  • Suou’s necklace seems to be some sort of Meteor Fragment
  • Never did understand what those things were all about anyways…
  • As of episode 4: Hei, Suou, July and Mao have teamed up seemingly with the intent to find Shion and they have traveled back to Tokyo

So that’s where things stand. And how is it all shaping up? Really, extremely, overly awesome. Hei’s broodiness is quite aggravating for now, but it just makes me excited to find out what happened to Yin. Suou is going to turn into an amazing character, despite the fact that BONES pulled an Utena and had her ability be to manifest a huge sword-like gun out of her chest. I’m also pretty glad to see the party back in Tokyo, because I HAVE quite missed Kirihara and her reunion with BK201 is definitely going to be something to remember. Hopefully.

Anyway, I like the direction this is heading and it’s great to see it’s still the same old Darker Than Black. No hesitation in killing off characters, comedy strangely but fittingly mixed in, music being awesome. Speaking of music; yes, I really miss Kanno Yoko. But the new guy seems to be doing a good job maintaining the atmosphere and I’ve decided I like the OP.  However… where’s the old OP~?

Now I’ve lost it, I know I can kill. The truth exists beyond the gates.

After looking through the old opening sequences, I’m realizing all over again how different the new season is. But is different always a bad thing?

So the verdict is: Good. More than good. Excellent. And while I miss Yin and Huang a bit, I think Suou and July are more than adequate payback for depriving us of Yin for a little while.

Remind me to download ANBU’s batch when the show’s over for archiving 🙂 I’ve been watching BSS, but ANBU’s a beast.

PS: We need more Russia in anime!

The excellence of Toradora! Spreading some love

November 26, 2009

I’m quite behind on this one, both in terms of people in general blogging about it and ME blogging about it. I watched this over the summer of 2009 after it finished airing. It just never got my spirits up for a post. But then, a sudden development: rewatching Princess Nine led to some WEIRD connection in my brain which led to me rewatching TORADORA! And now I feel the need to continue spreading the love for Ryuuji and Taiga. Since I know I would have trouble being objective on this one, I finally get a chance to do an essay style review again!

Toradora is one of those shows that when you divide it into categories like Plot, Characters and Music it just seems to fall apart in your hands and you start to wonder “Why the HELL is this good?” One of the mysteries of the universe, my friend. So let’s approach Toradora from a different angle.

I’ve often seen this compared to Lovely Complex, probably because of the original set-up where the main characters like each others’ best friends. But while it pains me deeply to say this, Toradora does this WAY better than Lovely Complex (which sounds like a hentai name, and is beginning to make me feel awkward; time to shorten it to Love*Com).  Love*Com just uses this as an obvious prop to get Otani and Risa together. Hell, it only takes like 2 episodes for Risa to realize Otani is way cooler than his friend. However, in Toradora this is not the case. Ryuuji and Taiga actually become friends. Like really friends. Not “We’re the awkward couple” friends. And while it’s still quite obvious that they’re supposed to end up together, it’s done in a gradual and more realistic way. For some people this is just aggravating, and there are cases where it would be aggravating for me too. But it works with Ryuuji and Taiga.

There is definitely drama in Toradora, but it never gets to the point where you’re throwing your slipper at the screen. The characters are rational, praise the lord (though Kitamura did kind of suck by around episode 15). Maybe you could call this a more man-ish shoujo. Damn, that sounds like I’m saying men are more rational. Not even slightly what I mean. Forget that, okay? What I’m trying to say here is that in Toradora the classic shoujo cliches are noticeably missing. No uber-bitch jealous rivals. No god-awful misunderstandings. If there are misunderstandings (damn the things to hell) the characters behave rationally and more like how I would than Momo from Peach Girl would. And though Ami might first appear to be an uber-bitch, we soon see how that turns over. AND it only takes one episode. Because of Ryuuji and Taiga’s kick-ass-ness, it’s not even slightly painful.

Speaking of TAIGA’s kick-ass-ness, let’s move on to the best anime fight ever. Screw mecha, this is what deserves the awards.

Obviously they weren’t prepared to have the budget for a fight scene so the animation was  bit weird, but it didn’t bother me too much. Especially since the rest of the show had quite nice art and animation for something of this genre. And about genre… would this be the same genre as Suzumiya Haruhi? Because it definitely doesn’t feel like shoujo, it almost feels like it’s aimed at guys or at least both. I don’t usually like to classify things into genres obsessively, but Toradora made me wonder.

The fight was just… classic. I felt like the whole show was sort of classic, but at the same time it felt really fresh. A new classic? Or maybe just my whole avoidance of popular mainstream shows again? It’s true that if you never watch mainstram stuff it feels fresh at first.

One other thing I wanted to mention about Toradora was the element of parents and family. Now with most shows you have either overwhelming, American soap opera-like family drama between kids and parents OR you have the shoujo parents that never, ever appear or get mad when their kid is out all hours and never seems to do her homework. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that habit many authors seem to have of leaving out pieces that are inconvenient for them. It’s kind of like when you were little and you wondered how come people never went to the bathroom in movies or books. Toradora avoids both these fates with finesse. A big part of the ending is the realistic dynamics between both Taiga and her parents and Ryuuji and his mom. At first it might seem merely like pointless added drama. But in my opinion it all supported the realism that keeps showing up in Toradora. Like this is what would ACTUALLY happen. Of course it’s a little exaggerated, but it IS an anime for crying out loud.

Anyway, I’m not trying to bring up new points here, or pick apart the show and bitch about the little irritating parts. I just want to spread the love a bit for a show that’s been widely debated over when it’s best just watched and enjoyed.

The Tragedy of Natsu no Arashi: Akinai-chuu!

November 26, 2009

I’m writing this as of episode 6, but if something changes in the next few episodes I will hastily stuff all my words back into my mouth and pretend this never happened.

GAHHHHHHHHHHH Shinbo I hate you SHAFT I hate you WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Original manga author  Kobayashi Jin, is this YOUR fault?! What happened to my favorite summer show? What the hell made it so BORING? I’m putting my money on Shinbo, seeing how he couldn’t manage to maintain balance with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and turned it into a repetitive monotonous panty flashing fest after the first season.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is mainly going to be a bashing party, so leave now if it bothers you.

I actually really liked SZS season one. It was fresh and funny and unique. What Shinbo needs to learn is that it’s NOT fresh after three seasons and countless extra episodes. Same thing with Natsu no Arashi. When I heard there was going to be a second season, I was mainly just excited. But now that I think about it, isn’t that kind of surprising? I mean, all the characters had been introduced, and that was mainly what the show was about. Introducing new characters, traveling back to World War II to help them, having World War II touching moments in really surprising places. So… what did I think they were going to do? Just keep introducing more and more ghosts as the second season went on? Fill up Hakobune Cafe to the brim with em? Start a Ghost Convention? What, would they call it Summer Gho-Con?  Unless they were really bold and insane, the producers wouldn’t do that. So what the hell was the point of continuing production then, HUH?

The only thing left for this show is the Jun’s cross-dressing side plot and scenes at the Hakobune reminiscent of the widely hated first episode of season 1. While I was a little dismayed by the beginning of the second season, thinking it was ONLY going to be about Jun’s crossdressing, at least that’s a PLOT. And hey, I’ve been known to go for crossdressing shows. Hana Kimi Jdrama anyone? But this was just oppurtunities for fanservice. So they tuned down the fanservice after episode 3, but after you take THAT away, the only thing left is the Hakobune. And for some series, this type of set-up is fantastic. It’s subtle, with a little comedy and maybe some character development tossed in. But we all know that doesn’t sound like Natsu no Arashi.

Let me say here and now that I was actually one of the proud and few who didn’t think the very first episode of Natsu no Arashi was complete crap. It was entertaining. But the reason I ended up following and loving Natsu no Arashi was because that first episode was supplemented by some many other things. The interesting NOT YET OVER STYLIZED animation technique, the weird but cool concept, the slightly cheesy narration of Hajime, the nostalgic feel… ALL OF THAT. Zenbu. Now ruined by season 2.

Season 2 is just over done. It’s trying too hard to be cool, it’s monotonous, the bagkground music is really irritating and adds to the repetitive feel, the time-traveling is dumb and boring, the World War II element has been completely taken away, all the episode set-ups are exactly the same, the OP and ED are dull, the OP animation was interesting once, but now it’s monotonous like the rest of the show. It’s completely tasteless. WHAT THE FUCK. Shinbo has now screwed me over twice. This is the tragedy of Natsu no Arashi. Akinai-chuu.

Remember when it was like this?

And now it’s like this… although they don’t look that different, remember it’s whats inside that counts. And what’s inside Akinai-chuu is bull crap. Thanks, Shinbo. Thanks a lot.

Ayatsuri Sakon

November 26, 2009

I’m doing this in 2 parts. Part 1 I wrote when I was in my initial excited fangirl stage after watching the first 7 episodes, Part 2 I wrote upon completing the series and is hopefully more rational and helpful.



Okay. First impression upon watching seven episodes: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Ayatsuri Sakon is the newest show over which I am fangirling. HUH? It doesn’t seem like the fangirly type show… but let me explain why I find it so awesome.

1) It’s obscure. In my opinion, obscure is usually good. It’s different, and original.

2) IT’S WEIRD. The main character is a ventriloquist who carries around a puppet all the time. I think that alone would send most people packing.

3) After Ayashi no Ceres, I seem to have developed I strange obsession and love for 90’s style anime. The bright colors… the still frames where the camera is just panning while a soundtrack plays… the sharply drawn bodies and pointy facial features… the lack of CG… I LOVE IT ALL!

4) The music. Both the OP and ED are awesome and fit very well with the series. The OP is so catchy! It’s so 90’s anime like, too. Reminds me of Kenshin; and it helps hype me up for the following episode.

5) Sakon is the best teen detective ever. He’s just ridiculously unusual and cool. Plus I love his aunt.

6) Umm… it’s like a combination of Rurouni Kenshin, Ghost Hunt and Ayashi no Ceres. What more could you ask for?


More rational it is. One of these days I’ll write an essay-style review, but for now I’m gonna continue doing it the easy way.


Or plot…s. Ayatsuri Sakon is indeed a mystery, arc-based show; and there’s no real ongoing background story. However, I think for this show at least, that worked out just fine. While the quality of each arc varies – both in animation and plot – the characters are lovable and odd enough to keep you from losing interest. All the arcs are murder mysteries, most of which involve some sort of curse or supernatural seeming element. But are the curses REAL or are they all just a hoax? I dunno… *wink wink* So anyway this feel of “MAYBE it’s really a ghost” makes Ayatsuri Sakon reminiscent of Ghost Hunt. My favorite arcs were the one at the House of Puppets and the last one, of course. The House of Puppets one I actually had no idea who was doing it. Other than that – barring the first arc – I usually had a pretty good guess at what was going on. Jesus, the first arc I was like “Whaaa…?” But I’m the type who likes being able to figure it out every so often, so that was nice. I definitely wouldn’t say the mysteries are simple or childish, though. Definitely not. Well, this brings us to the REAL plot…


Yes, the characters! In arc-based shows I always find that I’m more interested in finding out more about the characters than the arc (not to say that the Ayatsuri arcs were anything less than fascinating). So the characters are basically the plot for me. And let me say that Ayatsuri most definitely surpasses Ghost Hunt in filling out a bit of character background story.

1. Sakon is amazing. I’m not sure why, but he totally won me over by the second half of the first episode. Maybe it’s just that in America he would be SO WEIRD. Like the outcast of the century. But in this show, he’s not. He solves murder mysteries and he performs with puppets and he has a double personality. I think if you want to watch this show, you have to accept Sakon as one eccentric character and just not give a damn. Anyways, as a combo he and Ukon may be one of my favorite pairs.

2. All the minor characters that show up for one arc are quite believable. They have little stories and their personalities aren’t completely cardboard cutouts. Or maybe they are but I didn’t notice because I was distracted by Sakon being cool. Plus you get the feeling that they don’t just disappear or walk of the screen into some other world when the arc ends; like some people reappear or have prior relations with Sakon. So I never lost interest with these characters either.

3. Sakon’s aunt. Um, best side character ever.

I think I’m biased. There are definitely some people who would be bored by this or over their heads in eccentricity. I guess I am just not one of them.


I think I mentioned this before, but the OP is super fabulous and Rurouni Kenshin-esque. God, I miss that show. Everytime I clicked open a new episode, that song would just get me all hyped up for the next story. I also found the BGM to be quite effective. It was pretty normal and all, but it had a sort of traditional sound, which fit in with the idea of all the Japanese puppets. The ending was also pleasant. Very calming after an episode of intrigue and murder.


Well… it was basically a 90’s anime that was aired a little late. So we know what that means, right?! YES! My favorite! Pointy faces!!! Ahhh I love it. It’s so nostalgic feeling. But yeah, it’s old school.

In conclusion: Is this anime right for you?

Ayatsuri Sakon just had this charisma, this je ne sais quoi; something about it that made me immediately fall in love with it. And I’m still not sure I can put my finger on exactly what that was. But I think I can safely recommend this to you if you enjoyed Ghost Hunt and you’re up for some old school style murder mysteries. And are prepared for a little eccentricity… However, I wouldn’t watch this expecting a lot of fighting action, romance, insane character development, or beautiful animation.

Darker Than BLACK

November 14, 2009

OMG~~~~~~~~~~ I should have started this post as soon as I finished the first season of Darker Than Black, but I kept debating whether maybe I should wait until the second season was over and I’d finished watching that too. But now that I’ve finally watched the first episode of Ryuusei no Gemini, I AM ON A FANGIRL HIGH~!

Maybe helped along by Honey & Clover season 2 episode 5, which I just rewatched and has plenty of NOMIYA x YAMADA! Plus, watching Youtube videos of Honey & Clover insert songs! So THIS is why I love anime~ eheheh.

Anyway, the point is that I was definitely not satisfied with the original ending of Darker Than Black; and so I became incredibly happy and relieved when I watched the first episode of the continuation today and loved it. But wait, on to the REAL point, which is to write a review of the first season.

Part 1

Darker Than BLACK – Kuro no Keiyakusha


Ah the first season of Darker Than Black, “The Black Contractor”. I fell in love with it because…? The characters, the awesome music, the pretty animation, the intriguing setting. I think the reason I first started watching this was actually because of the music. I’d just finished Wolf’s Rain, and while I wasn’t too enthralled with the way the plot wrapped up, it didn’t stop me from loving the music. And that was how I discovered Kanno Yoko. She also did the music for Darker Than Black, and after Wolf’s Rain just her name was pretty much enough to get me interested. So I downloaded and clicked open the first episode… WOAH. I was thrown into a completely confusing and slightly different modern Tokyo. The interesting thing about Darker Than Black is that it’s based on 2-episode story arcs, which you’re thrown into the middle of right from the beginning. Even the main characters aren’t completely revealed to you until later; the details of the setting and the plot take basically the whole series to be understood. And if you’re often struck dumb by the awesomeness of certain characters and forget to pay attention, you might not ever completely understand the details of the setting and plot and be extremely grateful for the overview you get at the beginning of the next season.

Plot and Setting.

The reason I put plot and setting as the same category is because for Darker Than Black, they’re basically one and the same.

At first you don’t get much of a background story, only the words “the syndicate”, “Heaven’s Gate” and “contractors”. Then you meet your four main characters: Hei, Yin, Mao and Huang. Yes, they are supposedly Chinese. They appear to be a team working for the mysterious “syndicate”. Their goal: uncertain. Basically, they deal with events that have to do with contractors; a sort of person with super-powers (?) that has appeared along with “Heaven’s Gate” in Tokyo and “Hell’s Gate” in Brazil – two mysterious areas where reality appears to be distorted. That’s right, everything is extremely mysterious.

So the “background story” turns out to be in the process of the viewer learning more about the setting. I’m sorry if this is really confusing, but since the actual series itself is quite confusing, it’s fairly impossible to explain it in a short paragraph.


Not really going by standard review categories here… just trying to organize my brain a bit.

You could say Darker Than Black is episodic, but I don’t think I would. It does (for the most part) follow a sort of formula where over every two episodes, a contractor is introduced, and various issues have to be dealt with. However, I REALLY didn’t want to use the word formula there, because Darker Than Black is in absolutely no way formulaic. Nuh-uh. Just no. Each arc has its purpose in revealing more to you about the characters and setting, and each arc is always interesting since you know so little about the characters and setting.


This is what really caught and HELD my attention about Darker Than Black. Yes, the music is awesome, as I expected with Kanno Yoko. Yes, the setting was intriguing. But it was the characters that really made me want to keep watching. At first I just wanted to see more of them; now I shamelessly love them and will still love them even if they grow small beards like Hei does in the second season.

Hei is an excellent and versatile main character; being a contractor he’s suppossedly a heartless killer (or IS he?) but he also has a fake identity… yes, the mild-mannered and clumsy Li Shen-shung! Don’t you love secret identities? I do. Yin, Huang and Mao are also all interesting characters in their own right, and each get their own dose of fleshing out and background which never seems forced. You know how in shounen you start out with the main character, and then the first people he encounters end up becoming his companions for the rest of the show? And each time he meets a new one he gets their background and then they just do nothing? Darker Than Black is the antidote for that.

In addition to all THAT, the characters in the arcs are also well-done; which is hard when you know they’ll probably only be around for 2 episodes. Plus, you have your side characters, as well as the characters that you recognize from previous arcs. And they never get completely ignored, which is awesome. November 11, April and July are a tidy unit that make their appearances just when you want to see them; and the foolish detective pair also show up from time to time. As for the one I haven’t mentioned yet… YES, the lady police officer! She is so cool. She reminds me of the days when I wanted to join Interpol. And I’m hoping she makes a comeback in Ryuusei no Gemini.


Art & Animation.

Always fluid and pretty. Sort of in the style of Phantom, I guess; but I think I might tentatively say it was even better. I liked the chara designs, too. They were simple, but definitely recognizable and unique in their own way.


Did I mention it’s awesome? Again, Kanno Yoko magic. I loved both OPs, and I particularly liked the first OP animation. The EDs were also both nice, though I did like the first one better. The BGM was the opposite of cliche. One background track that definitely stuck with me was the track from the Next Episode Previews.


I used this category back in my Spice and Wolf review, but I haven’t had to bring it back until now. Darker Than Black has a very unique, original and enjoyable atmosphere. It’s not happy-go-lucky, and people die; but it’s not always like OMG-WTF-Splat-Blood-Gore-Depressionnn either. It’s a mixture of comedy at times, though definitely not the classic anime humor that involves hitting people with paper fans; along with action and original ideas and details and human interaction under interesting circumstances. Of course, the music helps. Basically, the thing is that normally when I watch something I’ll be like “Oh this reminds me of such-and-such show” but Darker Than Black doesn’t remind me of anything. And I think that’s cool.

Part 2

Darker Than BLACK – Ryuusei no Gemini

And it’s finally over. And I’m finally posting about it. And yet… I feel that it’s NOT truly over. I’m actually secretly hoping for a third season even after the OVA’s scheduled to arrive in January; and I don’t think I’m the only one. I just can’t get enough of the whole DTB world. That said, this installment of it was quite satisfying up til the last episode. It was also quite different from the first season.

PLOT: The second season introduces new and re-newed characters with the Pavlichenkos and a new incarnation of Mao as a flying squirrel (momonga?) Of course, Hei also returns; as does Yin (eventually) in some other form – Izanami; and the kick-ass lady police officer arrives back on the scene as well. The events take place two years after Hei and the others from season one had ditched the syndicate.

The two-episode arc format is dropped this time around in favor of a short and sweet 12-episode plot driven show. And it works quite well. It’s kind of like one of the arcs of the original season only extended and given tons of depth and details. TONS of depth and details. There has been a LOT of debate over which is better, the first or second season… but I’m not even gonna go there. I think both seasons are really good, just in different ways. But then I didn’t go into it as a major fan of the first season. I mean I really liked it, but I wasn’t obsessed. Plus I’d only just finished watching the first season for the first time when the second one started airing. But if you’re a fan and for some STRANGE reason you haven’t watched season 2 yet, then I would tell you that it’s best to go into season 2 with a mindset of it being a really long, extended arc from season 1.

CHARACTERS: I loved all the characters in season 1, so it was great to see more of them. Even the ones that grew small beards and became brooding alcoholics. That’s right, Hei; I’m talking about you. But it was fun to see him change back to his old kickass self.

Personally I really liked the new characters. Though I so didn’t want Suou to fall in love with Hei. Ah well. Still… we really need more Russians in anime.

Oh and: Awww July was so cute!

MUSIC: It was sad that Yoko Kanno and the “Now I’ve lost it I know I can kill” OP and the music that played over the next episode preview left, but the new music director did a good job of keeping up a “Darker Than Black” atmosphere that was a little different from the first season. Which, overall, is what the second season was. Darker Than Black, only a little different. And yes, the track that played over the action scenes was really cool.

THE ENDING: There’ll probably be spoilers. Nya. This post is kind of obligatory now, since it’s been so goddamn long since I watched DTB2. Also I can’t really think of anything to say. However, the ending cannot be ignored. Jeesh. IT WAS SO RUSHEDDD. And yeah, it made me THINK a lot, but in the WRONG WAY. If you want to make an impact like that, where someone makes a freaking copy of the whole world; you have to BUILD UP TO IT. Like in The Matrix, morons. Do they just SAY “The world is fake?” NO, they introduce you to characters and build UP to saying “The world is fake”.

So much was unexplained. And looking back NOW, it really feels like I’m still waiting for the “REAL” ending. Though I guess I am, since the OVAs aren’t out yet. I’m expecting the OVAs to provide a new ending for the second season, though they probably won’t.

All in all, however, I didn’t actually care that much. The rest of the series made up for the questionable ending.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Okay this may be one of the worst posts for DTB Ryuusei no Gemini yet. Maybe some day if I’m not lazy I’ll rewatch and then rewrite this. For now let me just say: I loved watching this show. And I am so psyched for the OVAs. And I am crossing my toes for a third season.