Honey & Clover Anime: Attempt at a review of both seasons

Gosh, this is becoming the weekend of endless posts. I finally have a weekend where I’m not busy~ And I’m FINALLY doing a real review of Honey & Clover. Although I might not even call it “real” since I don’t think I’m going to be able to review this objectively. However, I will do it in the usual categorical fashion.

This came up again because… hm. I was watching something… yadayadayada… I wanted to rewatch Michiko e Hatchin? That reminded me of Spring, which reminded me of Honey & Clover… listened to the OP; thought I HAVE TO REWATCH AND REVIEW THIS! So over the past few months I’ve sort of been rewatching Honey & Clover. I’ve almost finished the first season for the second time. I think it’s (sadly) helped me see some of the faults, and why maybe it’s better to wait like 3 years before rewatching Honey & Clover (rather than 6 months, which is what I did…) Anyway, ANDALE.



This is slice of life. It centers around Takemoto, and his friends and their life at art college in Tokyo, and where they’re all going with their lives. It sounds melancholy and reflective. You have no idea. It is UNBELIEVABLY melancholy and reflective. Like Fruits Basket times 100 minus the cute animals. That’s not to say it will drag you down to the point of collapsing with the weight of the meaning of life. There are definitely comedic moments, too. Aughhh this is too hard. I can’t review this. To quote myself of last spring,

“Ahhh I love Honey and Clover. Happiness in a box.”


I’m realizing now that you can’t review Honey & Clover. You just have to watch it. But I will continue to half-heartedly try, by stealing stuff from my posts from last spring.

“I’m so happy to see this after the slight train-wreck of a Jdrama that it was… I should have ditched the drama and watched this lonnggg ago (the only thing that kept me watching back then was Ikuta Toma). All the characters are so wonderful (especially compared to their drama counterparts!) Okay, I’m gonna stop comparing this to the drama, because there’s no reason to. They are completely different. Hagu still gets on my nerves a bit, but I like her.”

So by now upon my second viewing, I have discovered that hearing all those monologues again isn’t the best experience. And Ayu has also become a bit irritating to listen to AGAIN. However, I do still love them all despite their melancholiness. Okay, let me just remind you here that this is a review upon a SECOND VIEWING. I’m not caught up in being a fangirl anymore. You will still love this the first time around. I am just being a party pooper.

“Anyone else notice that while Mayama, Takemoto, Ayumi, Hanamoto-sensei and even Nomiya all get their chances to narrate a bit, Morita and Hagu never do? You never know what they’re thinking. You might know what Takemoto THINKS their thinking… Haha. Well, I don’t have much else to say for now, other than yeah HAPPINESS IN A BOX.”

Oh, can’t have a Honey & Clover post without mentioning NOMIYA x AYUUUU! Best H&C pairing ever. For some reason my computer still sucks at screenshots of MPC playing files, so I’m just stealing profile pictures from MAL. I feel guilty, though.



Quite nice, classic JC Staff-slice-of-life style (see Nodame Cantabile). At first I disliked the washed out colors, but I got used to it. It’s relaxing to look at.


I love all the OPs and EDs from both seasons. The first OP was so weird; with the food and everything. But it’s now a part of Honey & Clover. This has a BIG soundtrack. There are a lot of insert songs. AND, I actually remember a lot of the BGM melodies, but NOT because they were bad. They’re just the sort that stick with you in a nice way. So THAT’s good. I particularly like the track that plays when Takemoto does his little “When I was still little I used to ride on my blue/green (still haven’t figured out which color aoi is… the subs say green, but that bike is definitely blue! Such a mystery) bicycle and I would wonder how far I could go without stopping, etc etc” spiel. Amazing that I remember it. Also the second ED “Mistake”, if only because of the performer’s name: “THE BAND HAS NO NAME”. LOL.


This is kind of spoiler-y; you probably don’t want to read it if you haven’t seen the second season. I stole this from my old, silly post about Honey&Clover II that I wrote in the spring after finishing it.

One thing I really liked about this continuation [Of Honey&Clover] was that it kinda let you understand Hagu more. At first she seemed kinda personality-less… and I didn’t like her. But by the end, I like her better. OMG I totally predicted that would happen with Shuu-chan! Because it was pretty obvious she wasn’t going to end up with Takemoto, or anyone necesarily. And Morita… just didn’t seem to work out. So I was like… But wait… She likes Shu a lot, righttt? So what if he’s old and her cousin? She’s totally dependant on him no matter what she says!

But nobody was really paired off for good like “We are now together. Let us kiss and smile and be happy forever.” I liked that. Who knows what’ll happen? I like to think Yamada and Nomiya end up together.


Well, I tried. Honey & Clover does not lend itself to easy reviewing. I think you really just have to watch it. You’ll probably know by the second episode whether you want to continue watching it. I would say the likely suspects to watch this are those who miss Natsume Yuujinchou or Nodame Cantabile and want to be relaxed. As for rewatch value, I would definitely wait awhile to rewatch. The second time around is considerably less fangirl-ish. But I still love it, the music is still relaxing and lovely, and it’s still happiness in a box.

For my slightly more fangirl-y intial reactions, I link:

Michiko to Hatchin, Honey & Clover and MORE + Spring Anime

Honey & Clover again; Skip Beat; and excitement~

Honey & Clover II: Season 1 on crack

Also the drama… grrr… first I was deceived, I was petrifie–wait, I didn’t say that. Anyway, the reason I initially liked the drama was ONLY because the material it’s based on is good. I quickly learned otherwise.

Honey & Clover


Upon rewatching Season II, episode 5:

Screw this review! I love Honey & Clover and so do you! Nomiya X Yamada forever! *Still a fangirl on the inside*


One Response to Honey & Clover Anime: Attempt at a review of both seasons

  1. clover says:

    i’ve watched this anime four times already but i’m still not bored of it… i won’t be..i absolutely love this anime..one of the best i’ve watch. it touches on life issues/ experience.i have to agree with you on the reviewing part..it’s not easy..it’s better to watch it yourself. i’ve watch the japanese drama version as well as the movie version..i can’t help but comparing them to the anime but the closest version to the anime i’ve watch was the taiwan version…however have yet to complete watching it… really love it..it makes me happy 😉

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