Kimi ni Todoke: Episode 3 (with a slight chance of 4 and 5)


Wow, everyone loves Kimi ni Todoke now, right? I confess… IT’S WON ME OVER TOO~ There are still some parts where I think to myself ‘Now if I were writing this, would I have put that in? Or does it justtt cross the line of cheese?’ but DEFINITELY nothing as awful as the awkward Ioryogi moments in Kobato. I can’t believe I gave that a higher first impression score. And I think I’m quickly getting over that acquired aversion for shoujo, if only for this one show. Yessss if I wanted I could think of some more issues. BUT I DON’T WANT TO. It’s too lovely~ Plus I’m gonna have to do that for my series review anyways, so at least now I have to relax and forget about critique.

Because after episode 3, I just got this tiny urge to wach the next episode (I had gotten behind). And then episode 4. Nnnnext one too! Gahhh why is episode 6 not out yet? I just now realized that what they’ve done is they’ve built in some drama to keep me watching! But they did it so slowly I didn’t even notice! Those sneaky bastards XD!

Ahhh my shoujo fangirl has resurfaced. After so long… (not really, actually…) but in my defense, this definitely has something over regular shoujo. And that is the plot doesn’t feel driven by the need to get Kazehaya and Sawako together as quick as possible so they can be thrown into dramatic situations. Some shoujo avoid seeming this obvious by using a sideplot to distract you. At first glance it could look like Kimi ni Todoke is doing that too. (Hopefully) Alternate Situation: Ohhh Sawako needs to make friends (sideplot). But KAZEHAYA is here. And here. And he’s over here too! FORGET THE FRIENDS, here’s KAZEHAYA! However, I’ve crossed my fingers and I’m practically convinced that Kimi ni Todoke has avoided this. I sense there WILL be rivals, though… grrrr… Peach Girl has kind of traumatized me when it comes to rivals. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay calm. Twitch.

Anyway, fall season has turned out okay, I think. We’ve got some interesting sequels, and 2 refreshing/relaxing series. Plus, Aoi Bungaku which I haven’t watched yet but I WILL and seems like it will be good.

So.. yeah. That’s Kimi ni Todoke for me, as of episode 5. Maybe subsequent episodes will inspire me to post again? No matter what, I’ll definitely end up writing a review. Urgh just reminded myself of Phantom... must review… must review…

One last thing:




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