Darker Than Black – Ryuusei no Gemini: Episodes 01-04

HOLY JESUS. I finally decided to get back in line with watching the currently airing Darker Than Black second season. I’ve been putting it off because I don’t want to get to the point where I’m biting my fingernails waiting for the new episode every week and then having only 25 minutes to last me to the next one. However, I realized this is dumb. It is nice to watch in marathons though… Anyway I got up to episode 04 and HOLY JESUS.

I knew the format for the second season would be different; I mean it makes no sense to have it be episodic NOW. But still, due to the shortness of the season, it’s SUPER action packed.From here on I’m not gonna be able to write this spoiler free, so fly away if you’re even more behind on this than me.

By the way, I figured out how to take screenshots with Media Player Classic. Eheheh. I feel accomplished now. Of course that doesn’t mean I’ll stop being lazy; so the pictures on this blog will most likely still be stolen. On to spoilers!

Grahhh this show is as impossible to keep up with as ever. I still can’t figure out whether I’m the stupid one, or the show is the smart one. However, what I’ve gathered as of now is:

  • Something terrible happened between Yin and Hei
  • Hei is a broody, alcoholic jerk with a small beard now
  • Hei has been working for the CIA, but now they along with some Russian group and “Section 3” from Japan are all trying to find him and Shion
  • Everyone thinks Suou is Shion
  • Where the hell IS Shion?!
  • WTF? Why is Suou now a contractor and Hei not?
  • Because Hei definitely tried to use his ability on Tanya and was surprised when he couldn’t; plus his star disappeared
  • Hei and Suou seem to be a different breed of contractors
  • Why is Mao back? Resurrection…
  • July is awesome now; he and Suou are actually quite adorable together
  • OH YEAH! Inspector Kirihara is back in the game! XD
  • Suou’s necklace seems to be some sort of Meteor Fragment
  • Never did understand what those things were all about anyways…
  • As of episode 4: Hei, Suou, July and Mao have teamed up seemingly with the intent to find Shion and they have traveled back to Tokyo

So that’s where things stand. And how is it all shaping up? Really, extremely, overly awesome. Hei’s broodiness is quite aggravating for now, but it just makes me excited to find out what happened to Yin. Suou is going to turn into an amazing character, despite the fact that BONES pulled an Utena and had her ability be to manifest a huge sword-like gun out of her chest. I’m also pretty glad to see the party back in Tokyo, because I HAVE quite missed Kirihara and her reunion with BK201 is definitely going to be something to remember. Hopefully.

Anyway, I like the direction this is heading and it’s great to see it’s still the same old Darker Than Black. No hesitation in killing off characters, comedy strangely but fittingly mixed in, music being awesome. Speaking of music; yes, I really miss Kanno Yoko. But the new guy seems to be doing a good job maintaining the atmosphere and I’ve decided I like the OP.  However… where’s the old OP~?

Now I’ve lost it, I know I can kill. The truth exists beyond the gates.

After looking through the old opening sequences, I’m realizing all over again how different the new season is. But is different always a bad thing?

So the verdict is: Good. More than good. Excellent. And while I miss Yin and Huang a bit, I think Suou and July are more than adequate payback for depriving us of Yin for a little while.

Remind me to download ANBU’s batch when the show’s over for archiving 🙂 I’ve been watching BSS, but ANBU’s a beast.

PS: We need more Russia in anime!


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