Darker Than BLACK – Ryuusei no Gemini: Episodes 05-06

Wow… Just wow. I am still really, really loving the new Darker Than Black. Things, as always, are confusing; and the plot thickens.

1. YIN! She’s back…

2. …and Hei is starting to return to his old self!

3. This is awesome

So episode 05 we were formally introduced to Norio and his transgender father, as well as his contractor mother. I’m still not sure what exactly Norio’s role is in this. It looks like it might just be a prop to provide comic relief, Suou’s character development and a link for a new contractor to show up (and then die); but maybe Norio will show up again? I won’t be to put out if he doesn’t, though. I’d rather have more Hei being normal again.

Suou gets a mission, which is to help destroy “Inazaki”… which is Yin?! Once Hei realizes it’s Yin he’s trying to destroy (for “Oreille” – remember to figure out who she is) he and Suou back off. This also provides a backdrop for Suou’s character once again: she hasn’t actually killed anyone yet as a contractor (or otherwise). I’m really loving Suou’s character; in fact I’ve just doubly fallen in love with this show again.

The first season was awesome, but this… this just completely brings out the fan in me. I haven’t felt so excited about a show in a while. I’m gonna lose all my desire to be objective about DTB if it goes on like this…


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