I have learned a lot and become more nerdy in my year of blogging. It seems I have also completely abandoned Jdrama and despite the title, this is now an anime blog. Ah, youth. Ah, to be whimsical and flaky.


* I am super, super biased. If I do not like it, you probably will not find it here. I do not finish things I don’t like, unless it’s a movie. I do occasionally feel the need to bash, but you shouldn’t take bashing posts seriously.

* I discovered I can’t write real reviews for things I like, because I’m too wishy washy. So I might try to give something an unbiased rating, but I will probably fail. For instance, judging on art and story quality, Ranma 1/2 is stupid and repetitive. But I really, really love it. So nyah.

*Sadly, I am too lazy to write summaries for dramas, animes, movies or manga.Therefore, please don’t expect to get very much useful information out of me. MyAnimeList, ANN, Baka-Updates, Drama-Wiki and Wikipedia all do their job much better than I can.

*OK, I know this is supposed to be a Jdrama blog, but basically… it’s mostly anime and manga. And movies. Yeah, just anime.

*As I journey further and further into the Kingdom of the Otaku, care to join me? Is that cheesy? LOL But really, I am dangerously close to the path of no return, though some may say I’ve been on it ever since the very beginning. Mwahahaha.

First anime ever (English): Debate whether it was Pokemon or Sailor Moon, but I’m pretty sure it was Pokemon.

First anime (Japanese): Battle Athletes Victory

First Jdrama: Antique Bakery

First manga: Cardcaptor Sakura (after watching the TV series, though)

You can find me on MyAnimeList under the u/n jeanniex


2 Responses to About

  1. Toti-chan says:

    niiiiiice very nice blog! but do you know the anime Lovely Complex?

    • jeanniex1 says:

      Indeed I do. I don’t think I’ve made a real review of it, but if you search something should come up.
      Actually I really like Lovely Complex =)

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