OH MY GOD, No, I’m not dead yet.

April 21, 2010

ATTENTION: I will add pictures soon

Yes, I am a terrible person, yes, I have basically abandoned my blog, yes, I have watched like 500 series since the last post and not blogged anything about any of them, yes, winter season ended and no one heard a peep from me on the blogosphere…

So here I am, sneaking back to do some sort of summary post of my past few months in the anime world before I lapse back into internet oblivion.

The biggest news is:

I have taken that final step to become a hardcore anime nerd/snob/jaded fan. Yes. I am 95 episodes into Legend of the Galactic Heroes. And it is awesome. Someday I’ll do a collective post of my impressions after certain turning points in the show… ahem. Oh lord. I’ll admit that for the first 20 episodes or so, I was basically only watching it for Yang Wenli being a beast, and secretly me if I was a guy, insanely cool and in the military. But after that I became a convert. At this point I’m actually having trouble getting myself to continue watching the series because I don’t want anyone (else) to die and I don’t want it to end. Logh has also turned me into a fan of REALLY REALLY LONG-ASS SERIES, because you can’t beat that character development. Next up in line of REALLY REALLY LONG-ASS SERIES is Touch. I’m pretty psyched for that because…

…I’ve also become a huge baseball fan while no one was looking! Ookiku Furikabutte is indeed as awesome as everyone says, as is Cross Game, which I’m in the middle of right now. It worked out pretty well that I finished OoFuri just as the new season started airing. Though I’m angry at the whole one episode per week thing since I got used to marathoning it.

Speaking of the new season…

Yes, it looks miles better than last season. But for some reason I cannot understand, I just really don’t feel like following this time. I’m gonna wait for everything to finish, then marathon. Yeah! Anyway, what looks promising so far to me is:

  • Giant Killing
  • Hakuoki
  • Senkou no Night Raid
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • Sarai-ya Goyou
  • Rainbow
  • That other Noitamina show that hasn’t aired yet

Yeah. Pretty good list there. Oh… -10 Shinbo, I still hate you because of Natsu no Arashi season 2, so I am NOT interested in Arakawa Under the Bridge.

As for last season… I was following Kobato and Kimi ni Todoke leftover from Fall 2009 – they were lovely to watch weekly through the winter. Not that I will repay the favor by reviewing them. Maybe someday. Anyway I now have ANOTHER manga to put on my “Read Someday… please” list… Kobato! I liked the anime and all, but I get the feeling that they switched up the story a LOT. As for Kimi ni Todoke, it was a fun watch, but I don’t feel enough love to go to the manga. Nodame Finale ended abruptly… I will also love the first season best.

Oh wait… am I forgetting something? YES I AM! The best show of the past winter and the best show ever, DURARARA!! Even if it’s really awkward to say! This show… wow. It’s made of everything I love. I’m really pleased that it’s going on for another 12 episodes. Though I do quite miss the old OP and ED… but at 14 episodes, it keeps getting better.

Nothing else is too exciting… but for my own sake I’ll list off the series I’ve marathoned and enjoyed a lot in February, March and April.

Bonen no Xamdou:  incredible animation and imaginative story. Not my favorite, but quite enjoyable.

xxxHolic: YES my favorite, this is awesome, I’ve watched both season, the OVA and am looking forward to the movie and the new OVA release… but apparently before I watch the new OVA (out on 4/23) I have to catch up with the manga so I won’t be shocked and confused. Too bad all the online scans suck…

Aria: Finally watched Aria… it’s nice. I’ll watch the next season eventually. Slowly.

Cardcaptor Sakura REWATCH!: Yay. Best series ever, if you ask me.

Shion no Ou: Shockingly good minus the rather mixed-bag animation and odd mystery resolution

Kamichu!: My dear love and Natsume Yuujinchou replacement.

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Seasons 1 and 2: WOW fun first season and MIND-BLOWINGLY incredible second season.

I’m actually way more behind on posting even than all that. Sigh. Anyway the world won’t be hearing much more from me until the summer season starts, possibly not even then since I don’t know what it’ll look like and whether I’ll be interested in anything. But someday… someday I’ll AT LEAST do an LOGH post.

Oh one more thing, speaking of LOGH again. I love. The 80’s. I watched some of Kimagure Orange Road (I actually kind of hate it so far minus the fact that it’s from the 80’s), I’m REALLY looking forward to Onii-same e, which, YES, there is FINALLY a torrent for. And yeah, Touch is gonna be awesome. I mean, 80’s? Baseball? Written by the author of Cross Game? REALL REALLY LONG?

Things I have abandoned temporarily but WILL finish… someday… when I read Kobato, xxxHolic and make a bajillion overdue review posts…

Kimagure Orange Road: Hate. The. Characters. Will watch when I’m 80’s deprived.

Infinite Ryvius: It rocks but for some reason I can’t make myself watch it

Kemono no Souja Erin: I love it, but I’m tied up with LOGH and Cross Game. Will watch last 10 episodes soon!

Aria the Natural: I’m looking forward to continuing this series when I need some major relaxation

Oh and one more thing to mention… I still fail at reading mangas lately since I’ve grown to hate reading online, but I will always ALWAYS love my Maison Ikkoku books that I buy when they go on $1 clearance at Half Price Books because no one else wants them. YAY! I don’t care what anyone says, and I don’t care how cliche it is, Rumiko Takahashi is my god. At the very least my deity. (Narita Ryogo is my current temporary god because of Baccano! and Durarara!!… I love how all his works have exclamation points after their titles. It just makes you want to read it that much more. I hope Vamp! gets an anime adaption… it would be the only vampire franchise I actually want to watch)

Back to Rumiko… yeah, I’ve been over my inexplicable love for Ranma 1/2 and even more inexplicably InuYasha on this blog already but I have yet to extrapolate on the wonders of Maison Ikkoku, which might actually have become my favorite of her works. This all came up because I’ve been doing a spot of rereading. It’s my goal to accumalate every volume. Nevermind the crappy Viz translation from the 90’s…