March 7, 2009


Are they really going to continue the InuYasha anime now that the manga has ended?!?!??!?!


Okay. Now I’m calm.

WEHASKLJLHFASJLKD. I just saw a link on Amazon to InuYasha Season 7, realeased April 2009. OH MY GOD. This is so amazing. Now I actually have motivation to finish the anime. I was just thinking about dropping it, because the manga is so much better. I don’t know hwy, they’re not that different, but I just really prefer the manga. But now~ if they’re going to fix the anime so it won’t end at a terrible place like only halfway through the actually plot~


Okay, NOW I’m calm. Teehee.

I did start watching Michiko e Hatchin yesterday, I think I will like it. One episode 3. Anyway, I’m gonna continue downloading and watching it. I haven’t really watched a lot of this particular type of stuff, so it’s kinda refreshing for me. God, I have so much stuff to do. I will never be bored again, ever. EVER.

MWAHAHA Season 7! If its a lie, I will send in 10,000 angry crazy fan letters to the Animation Studio until they have to continue the anime. And they have to keep the the plot of the manga.



Why didn’t I know about this? D: