Kobato: Episode 2

November 7, 2009

So I’m still liking Kobato, but I’ve discovered some problems with it.


Basically, it’s the comedy. They are just trying WAY too hard. And yes CLAMP can be funny in a cute sort of way. But their type of humor is one of the kinds that just gets really irritating when it’s overused. It wouldn’t bother me so much if it was so blatantly obvious that Ioryogi is supposed to be the comic relief. But god, whenver he does that thing where he gets all fired up and starts yelling at Kobato for some little thing she did, it’s just so hard to watch! It’s like, alright, you tried; but it’s JUST NOT THAT FUNNY. Please. So the character’s roles are a little too obvious (who am I kidding, they’re WAY too obvious). Like the preschool teacher who’s the guy version of tsundere, whatever you would call that. OF COURSE he’s going to eventually warm up to and love Kobato along with everyone else.

Plus the whole healing hearts thing is just a little too cheesy for me.

So that’s my rant. And you may be wondering, why the hell am I still watching it, then? I’m still not sure. I feel like it might get better, or go somewhere eventually. Also I might have made it sound worse than it actually is. It might be one of those shows that’s enjoyable to watch, but when you try to review you just can’t remember why.


That aside; Christ, I feel so BUSY all the time. So even though I said I would, I’m not gonna do 3 posts for 10 fall series. Sorry for being such a flake.

a) Letter Bee – I watched the pre-series special. It pissed me off. Dropped.

b) Inuyasha – I still feel like I’ll download this and watch it eventually. Maybe next Spring. So you won’t be hearing from me about this anytime soon.

c) Kuuchuu Buranko – Yes, I love NoitaminA, and I know this is supposed to be cool, but I just don’t feel motivated to watch it now.

d) Darker Than Black 2 – I STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED SEASON 1. How? Halloween happened, that’s how. I sitll love it and I only have 2 episodes left, but I don’t want the agony of waiting a week to watch one episode so I’m gonna wait till it finishes and get a batch torrent (also doing this with Cross Game and Kemono no Souja Erin).

e) Romance of Three Kingdoms – What the hell happened to this? Better find out.

f) Seiken no Katanaji – Urgh, and I’d almost forgotten about this. For shame, Manglobe. Sorry but I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch more. Dropped.

Still planning on watching Aoi Bungaku plus more Kimi ni Todoke posts soon.

Kobato: Episode 1

October 18, 2009

Alright, alright. So I suck at this whole one post per episode thing. Well at least I got off to a good start. I WILL get around to writing posts for second episodes, and etc. I’m disappointed that there aren’t any subs for Aoi Bungaku or Kuchu Buranko yet. I know it’s only been like a week, but I want to at least hear about a group PLANNING to pick those two up.

Gahhhh I have to write a Phantom post too! Ahem. On to Kobato.


Wow this really reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura. I DO like CLAMP, don’t I? I definitely want to get around to watching xxxHolic too.

First Impression:


I know, I know. How can I give this such I high rating?! But to be honest this has been my favorite first episode of the fall season so far. Maybe I’ve just been cute-deprived. And I really enjoyed watching it. It was relaxing. I mean it’s definitely no Natsume Yuujinchou replacement, but I think I’m going to like watching this weekly.

The premise is a little weird. This girl Kobato, who presumably isn’t human (?) has a wish, and to have that wish granted she has to go around helping people. And of course she has a plushy side kick who has to pretend to be a stuffed animal whenever there are people nearby. Sound familiar?

I’m not planning to watch this for plot, or for quality, or action. I just think it’s going to be pleasant.