Manhattan Love Story

December 28, 2009

What’s this? WHAT’S THIS?! An actual DRAMA post on Jdrama + My Exciting Life? No! But yes. And how. Speaking of that, I really should change the name of this blog since there really are no more drama posts, but I feel like that’s bad luck. I’m not USUALLY superstitious… Anyway, the point here is that I finally found an amazing drama to watch. And it’s all thanks to my old buddies SARS. I really love those guys. They have excellent taste, good video quality and well-written subs. I got most of my drama torrents from them and I occasionally pop in on their website for old times sakes. Thank god I do, otherwise I would’ve complete missed out on one of the most charming dramas I’ve ever seen.

The only reason I downloaded it was because I saw it had been directed by Kudo Kankuro, who I remember fondly for having directed Ryuusei no Kizuna. But even Ryuusei no Kizuna wasn’t THAT fantastic, so I didn’t really have high expectations or anything. However, when I clicked open episode 1 just to see what the video quality was like (bad snobbish habit that I have), I just could not bring myself to close it. I was completely captured.

The show opens with a female cab driver who will become “A”, or Akabane¬† Nobuko, one of the main characters of the series. It shows her with various passengers all saying things like “Oh, you’re a woman”. Then one of her passengers leaves his phone in her car, and she arranges to meet him at a cafe called Manhattan to give it back.

This part is important, because from here on Manhattan and its owner, Tenchou, become the center of a show with a story that gets wilder and wilder as it parodies other dramas and itself more and more outrageously. And it works. Fantastically.

All Tenchou wants is for his customers to enjoy his coffee, which he takes very seriously. However, soon after he opened the store, a TV station built their office building right next to him. Soon his cafe was flooded with egotistical TV workers. And so the cast gathers. From here it’s hard to explain, you really just have to watch it. And I think, after the first episode, it would be pretty hard to stop.

So yes, this drama has my thorough backing and support. I think this type of show is really¬† rare and I’m very glad that SARS decided to bring it back for the English speakers because otherwise it would have continued to fade into obscurity – it’s already quite old, from 2003 I think. SARS, arigatou~

Oh right – my favorite thing about this show is that while Tenchou hardly ever talks, he keeps up an almost constant stream of consciousness going through his head. It’s really funny. And SARS also subs this amazingly, with a different color/font! I love you guys! This is turning into a love letter to SARS lol. Anyway, get it while you can! A recommendation from one of the most picky drama watchers out there.