The Tragedy of Natsu no Arashi: Akinai-chuu!

November 26, 2009

I’m writing this as of episode 6, but if something changes in the next few episodes I will hastily stuff all my words back into my mouth and pretend this never happened.

GAHHHHHHHHHHH Shinbo I hate you SHAFT I hate you WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Original manga author¬† Kobayashi Jin, is this YOUR fault?! What happened to my favorite summer show? What the hell made it so BORING? I’m putting my money on Shinbo, seeing how he couldn’t manage to maintain balance with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and turned it into a repetitive monotonous panty flashing fest after the first season.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is mainly going to be a bashing party, so leave now if it bothers you.

I actually really liked SZS season one. It was fresh and funny and unique. What Shinbo needs to learn is that it’s NOT fresh after three seasons and countless extra episodes. Same thing with Natsu no Arashi. When I heard there was going to be a second season, I was mainly just excited. But now that I think about it, isn’t that kind of surprising? I mean, all the characters had been introduced, and that was mainly what the show was about. Introducing new characters, traveling back to World War II to help them, having World War II touching moments in really surprising places. So… what did I think they were going to do? Just keep introducing more and more ghosts as the second season went on? Fill up Hakobune Cafe to the brim with em? Start a Ghost Convention? What, would they call it Summer Gho-Con?¬† Unless they were really bold and insane, the producers wouldn’t do that. So what the hell was the point of continuing production then, HUH?

The only thing left for this show is the Jun’s cross-dressing side plot and scenes at the Hakobune reminiscent of the widely hated first episode of season 1. While I was a little dismayed by the beginning of the second season, thinking it was ONLY going to be about Jun’s crossdressing, at least that’s a PLOT. And hey, I’ve been known to go for crossdressing shows. Hana Kimi Jdrama anyone? But this was just oppurtunities for fanservice. So they tuned down the fanservice after episode 3, but after you take THAT away, the only thing left is the Hakobune. And for some series, this type of set-up is fantastic. It’s subtle, with a little comedy and maybe some character development tossed in. But we all know that doesn’t sound like Natsu no Arashi.

Let me say here and now that I was actually one of the proud and few who didn’t think the very first episode of Natsu no Arashi was complete crap. It was entertaining. But the reason I ended up following and loving Natsu no Arashi was because that first episode was supplemented by some many other things. The interesting NOT YET OVER STYLIZED animation technique, the weird but cool concept, the slightly cheesy narration of Hajime, the nostalgic feel… ALL OF THAT. Zenbu. Now ruined by season 2.

Season 2 is just over done. It’s trying too hard to be cool, it’s monotonous, the bagkground music is really irritating and adds to the repetitive feel, the time-traveling is dumb and boring, the World War II element has been completely taken away, all the episode set-ups are exactly the same, the OP and ED are dull, the OP animation was interesting once, but now it’s monotonous like the rest of the show. It’s completely tasteless. WHAT THE FUCK. Shinbo has now screwed me over twice. This is the tragedy of Natsu no Arashi. Akinai-chuu.

Remember when it was like this?

And now it’s like this… although they don’t look that different, remember it’s whats inside that counts. And what’s inside Akinai-chuu is bull crap. Thanks, Shinbo. Thanks a lot.

Natsu no Arashi: Episode 2

October 19, 2009

Man, this is turning out to be too much like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I mean SZS is good. But if you’re Shinbo you can’t just make everything SZS. Plus in my opinion it’s already getting old. The first season was amazing. But you can only take it so far, you know? So if they continue to go down this path, I will be most disappointed.

Another thing is the fanservice. Is it me or has it gotten worse this season? I’m worried that the same thing is going to happen to Natsu no Arashi that happened to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – it’ll just become to repetitive. And I really hope they avoid that since the first season was so enjoyable. And the music was better… everything was better… but I’m just complaining here.

In this episode Arashi, Hajime and everyone are still at the beach but now it’s nighttime and they’ve gone to the onsen. Not much happens. It’s not like I completely hated this episode, I’m just waiting for the good stuff. I wonder if they’re gonna introduce more characters from World War II? I did catch the School Rumble reference, that was amusing.

Honestly, unless they start up the plot again there’s not much to say about this. Sigh. Of course I’ll keep watching though.

Natsu no Arashi Akinai-chuu!: Episode 1

October 6, 2009

I’m losing my momentum here… but I will faithfully complete my task! Which is to blog the first 3 episodes of 10 fall series. I haven’t even watched Letter Bee yet. When I saw the special from last year, I wasn’t too excited. But we shall see. Anyway, onto the post!


I wasn’t very good keeping up posts during the spring and summer, but I did mention here and there how much I was enjoying Natsu no Arashi and how underrated I thought it was. Definitely underrated. I enjoyed every minute of it, even the stupid first episode. Though yes, Shinbo + SHAFT can equal REPETITIVE. God. Watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is like a chore now. But I liked their style for this one, and the music was so distinct and catchy. I really ended up missing Natsu no Arashi during the summer. Which meant I was really happy to find out it would be continued! This was originally the only show I was looking forward to this Season.

On the actual episode: It’s the same old Natsu no Arashi! I feel like there was a bit more fanservice though. Hopefully they’ll tone it down, since I’m not one of the fans that particular service is directed at… This wasn’t actually that bad. Hoping the same pattern will follow; you know, crappy first and last episode but lots of good stuff in the middle?

On the series potential: I feel like this’ll just continue to get better like the first season; and it seems to be keeping the same atmosphere – which to me is a good thing. But goddd, make me miss summer even more, will ya?

I don’t think I’ll get tired of this even if they decide to be really uber-SZS-repetitive, since I already like it. Of course that would be disappointing though. Let’s hope there’s more from Akanishi Jin where the first season came from and that Shinbo sticks to the good stuff and doesn’t try to OVER-over-embellish. A little over-embellishment is only to be expected =)


On a side note, Darker than BLACK! No one told me I would like it so much!?!?! I don’t think I’ll finish the first season in time to post the episode one of the new season right away, but as soon as I finish I’ll definitely do it. It’s a given that I’m DLing season 2. If Crunchyroll steals it, I’ll fucking hack them. Not that I’m enough of a computer nerd to do that.