Top 5 Dramas

Like my Top 5 Anime list, no particular order.



a) incredibly amusing b) Hotaru is secretly me



Though I watched the anime too, I’m more inclined to favor the drama. Is it because I watched it first? … okay yeah probably, but I really think this is a good drama. And comparing it to the anime, it seems pretty faithful to the original (if the anime is faithful, that is o.o). That said, Nodame and Chiaki are the best ever!



Even though I’m not one for bullying shows, since they seem to be directed by sick people for sick people who like watching a poor little girl get tortured just for the hell of it and not for the sake of any plot at all. And yet, Nobuta wo Produce manages to be more than that. A lot more actually, since I am saying that it’s one of my favorites right now LOL. It must be SEISHUN right? Which brings us to…


Stand up

I debated for awhile between this and Hana Kimi, but even though Hana Kimi was basically my first drama and I’ve watched it several times, I ended up going with Stand Up!! because I thought it has more substance. While Hana Kimi is really fun, it really isn’t as good as Stand Up!! And even though at first it seems like it’ll just be stupid sex jokes, Stand Up!! ends up being quite the diamond in the rough. It’s honest, yet insane and funny. Udayan in the locker? I was CRYING, like actually. And I ended up liking the music, too.



IIII can’t help loving ISWAK, and neither can you. LOL.


3 Responses to Top 5 Dramas

  1. ruxandra says:

    i’ve started watchink nobuta wo produce last winter, i have to finish it.i’m watching ISWAK now, but i’ll make sure to watch the others too.i also love the korean boys over flowers, though i’ve seen the first episode of the jap version.should watch all of it, right?and i love both jap and taiw hana kimi.great.

    • jeanniex1 says:

      Korean BOF is the best! I totally switched from Japanese version to Korean though. But yeah, you should watch the Japanese because it has Oguri Shun as Rui. I do like Hana Kimi… but I prefered the Japanese version.

  2. aleah says:

    ISWAK is my favorite.

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